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The Performance Of Social Responsibility Investments In South Korea

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Since the shareholders have been in the bottom of the company management, they were only claim about the company’s profit until now. However, the current shareholders, included consumers, business partner, the authorities, creditors, and the non-government organization, had started to demand practices of higher ethic management. The enterprise also recognized the fact that coming up with corporate social responsibility (CSR) is very effectually beneficial to the company’s future. CSR is included ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), and SEE (Social, Environmental, Ethical). Therefore, the social responsibility investment (SRI) has a high relationship with level of corporation within CSR, level of risks of ESG and SEE, and cooperating improvement within their CSR structure. In terms of asset size, amount of asset invest for social investing is US $ 3.73 trillion in 2010. It is tremendous increased data comparing to US $ 2.29 trillion in 2005.
Not only the business enterprises are having an action for the SRI movement, but also many government organizations is outstandingly supporting a SRI movement. For example, UN broadcast the establishment of the UN Principles for responsible investment in 2000 and OECD initiated the Guideline for Multinational Enterprise in 2000 with the recommendations for Social Responsibility. Moreover, the other advancement is started from ISO 26000 from the ISO. ISO 26000 is providing basic guideline to be a social responsibility enterprise, which is initiated as a certification from ISO (International Organization for Standardization). In this regard, SRI opens a new era for fund industry and corporate management.
However, the South Korea SRI funds failed to draw the attention from the financial market. Even though I had seen media flash about the positive return rate of SRI, the forerunning SRI fund, included the Samsung investment Trust Management’s Eco fund and, had been failed to pervade. Because the history of South Korea’s SRI funds are very small, the media had been broadcasted the statistic information based on the US financial market. The majority of the past research in South Korea before 2010, which are focused on financial performance of SRI funds, are indicating that the SRI funds has a higher return of the rate than conventional funds. Moreover, the majority of the past research in South Korea informed that company’s ESG consideration has a high relationship with a SRI funds’ return rate. However, the few current research informed in opposite side, that SRI funds have no relationship or difference with ESG consideration and conventional funds. This study is based on financial performance of the Korean SRI Funds and related enterprise. The result of SRI related studies and researches are a confusing mixture. As the Korean SRI funds have a...

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