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The Periods And Movements Essay

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The Periods and Movements over time have changed massively and each period helped create a different movement in society. The Colonial Time Period caused a movement about religious views and equality. The Revolutionary Time Period caused a movement on being free and be able to not depend on each other. The Romanticism and Transcendentalism Time Period caused a movement with emotions and the ideas of the nature of the world. The Realism Time Period caused a movement with unrealistic ideas; causing people to see bigger picture that was not always happy. The Modernism Time Period caused a movement with a personal connection and emotions ideas to the world. There is always a way to make a ...view middle of the document...

No matter how hard life got, they stuck together and pushed through life together. If everyone depends on each other to support others and is equal with all people, will a single person do anything?
The second time period was the Revolutionary Time Period, involving the Enlightenment, was a new beginning where people did not depend on each other. Citizens now had developed responsibility and were dependent on themselves. Writers in this time period wrote about being free, mostly from England. Like Thomas Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence, he wrote about the King of England in a negative way that caused most Americans to become fired up. This caused many emotions and anger towards the King of England and also, gave people an opportunity to be different and not equal in opinions. The people now had freedom of speech and could talk about whatever they desired and became independent. With freedom of speech, writers continued to encourage their readers to maintain a relationship with God. Elias Boudinot’s oration about Him and the soldiers, remembering their freedom did not come free, by thanking them for their bravery. Even with freedom, Benjamin Franklin wrote a book, Poor Richard’s Almanac, that gave people thirteen virtues to live by. After all the people became civilized and independent they began to use their differences in emotions to create a new time period.
Romanticism and Transcendentalism was born using the emotions, imagination, personality, and nature of the world. A person believed they could go beyond experiences and that this was better than logic and reasoning. The poem, The Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, tells his readers not to rely on the past or the future. This causes people not to focus on past experiences but to hope for a different outcome; thus, putting themselves at more of a risk to not face realistic life problems. Writers like Emily Dickinson tend to write about love and use the emotions of her readers with her words. In Letters to the World, Dickinson writes making the reader upset because the world she loves had never written her back; yet, how much she loves the world and wants to be tender. Readers in this time period also enjoyed the writings of Transcendentalists because of its beliefs on being one with Nature. If a person was one with Nature, they were one with God. This causes readers to worry more about Nature; rather than worrying about being only one with God. Even if a person in that time period was not religious they would be considered ‘one with God’ if they were one with Nature. Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson describes Nature as being a living person who can provide happiness. Being unrealistic raises the hopes of others but soon would all...

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