The Persecution Of African Americans Essay

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The Persecution of African Americans

“You are a nothing little nigger” is one of the demeaning phrases African American human beings have heard over the years in an effort to keep them in a state of persecution. This paper will discuss the persecution of the African American. The following documents the struggles, gut wrenching pain, and heart ache of African American people have endured and are still suffering with today.
Pain can stem from so far back as childhood, your parents child hood, or even as far as your ancestors child hood. My ancestors were slaves; a long with the majority of African Americans that live today. Being a slave you would endure the most agonizing pain. African Americans were left to wither in this pain for hundreds of years.
The pain began when African Americans were “snatched from their homeland Africa, and suffered a ship ride of hell to this foreign country called America (Cottonman1999)”. Why is it referred to as the ship ride of hell? On that ship ride African Americans “were shackled and laid upon boards head to toe with over hundreds of other African Americans to share that cramped confined space. On some of those ships depending on the concern of hygiene African Americans were given maybe three to four buckets to relieve themselves. Some who weren’t able to make it to the bucket had no choice but to relieve themselves where they lie. Hence human feces, urine, puke, and the tears of the person next to them would fill the little space they had between one another (Brooks 2007)”. However that was only the “ship ride” over to America.
“African Americans were bought and sold like merchandise. Families split, babies were ripped away from their mother’s chest, and children were sold to masters with the intention to whip, rape, abuse and do much more to the African American (Maafa 21film)”. “We have come over away that with tears have been watered; we have come, treading our path through the blood slaughtered (James Weldon Johnson)”. This quote means African Americans have come down a road that has been terribly hard.
“After hundreds of years of torture and anguish African Americans were set free in the 1860’s. There were over 3 million uneducated black people free to finally be able to detach themselves from the hate of their owners (Maafa21 film)”. The question was, what were they going to do? “They had nowhere to go. So most did what they knew best. Most would work for the white man as maids, cooks, or nannies for cheap labor instead of the free labor. It was a struggled to work on your hands and knees for a person that hates every aspect of your existence. Some would join the armed forces. Others traveled north to find work (Maafa21 film)”. ‘All in all African Americans struggled to survive but they did whatever they had to in order for them to survive. African Americans had no knowledge of their homeland any more. They knew slim to nothing about neither their culture, religion, Native tongue, nor the...

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