The Person Behind The Mask Essay

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It had all begun when he was a little boy. One year a circus had come to town. In the morning a big parade was held in main street. He could see the clowns walking around making people laugh. He would watch the clowns` faces as they walked by. The big noses and the funny walks made him feel happy.It was poor times, and his father was out of work. His family couldn't afford any material benefits, but each year his father collected enough money so that he could take his son to the circus. Hand in hand they would walk to the circus, just a couple of blocks away. He would have a big smile on his face, because it was the only time he would feel better than his friends.For a whole year he would dream of the clowns in the circus ring. Imagine their grimace, funny walks and pranks on each other. The tight- rope walker and the elephants were amusing, but they weren't the highlight. He was certain; He would be a clown when he became older.After many years, he changed town and started on a career as an accountant in a big company. Nobody knew him better than by name, and nobody cared. He just sat there behind his desk, working, day after day, week after week. He was an «every chief's dream.» But he was also a lonely man with no friends who would say;«How are we today?»His colleagues envied him, so they froze him out. He could see the guys meet in a corner. Whispering and giving him looks. He tried to be a pal, but they didn't want him to.He was the average guy, with average pay and an average apartment. But he wasn't miserable. Of course he'd like some friends and a girlfriend to talk with, but since he didn't have any, he thought it was the way it was supposed to be. His job was to earn money and sit behind his desk smiling to everybody.Since nobody cared, they didn't know about his hobby. For a few years ago, a dream of his had fulfilled when he got a week to prove his ability as a clown in the town's circus. He had been a great success in his evaluation period, and was hired at once.Each night he would become the clown «Baltasar». The salary was lousy, but he didn't do it for money. Just the looks on...

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