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The Man Who Changed The Face Of Baseball

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Jackie Robinson changed the face of Major League Baseball. He was the first colored man to play in the major leagues and opened other sports up to black athletes. He brought the Negro style of play to the game of baseball and broke the colored barrier for the MLB. Jackie became the symbol of hope for Americans and soon hoped to break the segregation all together. In his letter to the President he said, “I hope in the near future America is determined to provide the freedoms we are entitled to under the constitution” (U.S. National). He dealt with racial issues, grew up only playing with blacks, and changed the face of baseball. If it wasn’t for Jackie or Branch Rickey the MLB wouldn’t have African-Americans playing in the major leagues. He accomplished so much in his baseball career and in his retirement after baseball.
This all-star player was born on January 31 in 1919. He went to high school in Los Angeles, California at Muir Technical. He has a wife named Rachel and three kids: David, Sharon, and Jackie Jr. (National Baseball). Jackie excelled in every sport he played in High School. He led the school in track, baseball, basketball, and football. He knew he wanted to keep playing baseball after high school but was limited playing professionally because there had never been a colored man in the MLB before (Action). Jackie attended Junior College at Pasadena (Action). He then went and enrolled at UCLA and was the first athlete to letter in four sports, but he had to leave school in 1941 because he could no longer afford it (action). Jackie then joined the Kansas City Monarchs roster; it was a Negro baseball league. Branch Rickey was the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers and saw Jackie play, he knew history was about to be made (infohio).
In 1947, Jackie Robinson was the first colored man to play in the MLB and put on a Dodgers uniform for opening season. He faced many racial slurs during his career but also had many supporters. He never did say anything to the racial remarks to bring no shame to him or the dodgers’ organization (Action). In his biography Jackie wrote, “I had to fight hard against loneliness, abuse, and the knowledge that any mistake I made would be magnified because I was the only black man out there” (Infohio). Rickey told Jackie he wanted a player with guts, a player who had the guts to not fight back (Infohio). Jackie was faced with pitchers throwing it at his legs and head, hate letters, death threats, cleats being thrown at him, and catchers spitting on his shoes. A player from the Cardinals spiked Robinson in his leg so bad it left a large gash, Jackie’s teammate were outraged and started to defend him (Infohio). Players from the Phillies knew about Jackie getting death threats, so they would put up their bats and act they were guns pretending to shoot him (Jackie Robinson). Robinson said, “I’m not concerned if you like or dislike me, all I ask of you is to respect me like a human being” (Library). Jackie was honored...

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