The Personalities Of Romeo And Juliet As Explained In The Taxonomy Of Love

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The two lovers in Shakespeare’s arguably most popular work, Romeo and Juliet, express two different types of love, and their personality is shown in the way that they love. The play, written by William Shakespeare in the 1590’s, is a tragedy born out of an ancient comedy of youth. However, Shakespeare’s diction impacts the mood of the piece, and empathy is evoked from the reader. As stated in the prologue, Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two star-crossed lovers who toss aside the bad blood between their families, fall in love, and marry. After a twist of fate, Romeo is banished and Juliet is engaged to another man by her father. Juliet decides to fake her death in order to stay true to her ...view middle of the document...

This is one trait of a mania lover. In act five, the last in the play, Romeo exhibits another quality that shows him to be a mania lover. When he learns of his love’s death, he immediately buys poison off of an old apothecary. To his messenger, he speaks of his suicidal intentions when he says,“Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee to-night (Act V, Scene I, Line 36).” He means to go find Juliet, and quite literally lie with her dead body as well as join her in the afterlife. Romeo expresses the traits of a mania lover, in the fact that he seeks love knowing it brings heartbreak, and that he cannot live without his Juliet.

Though Romeo is a mania lover, Juliet, the female protagonist, is best expressed as a ludus lover. She is a very young girl to be involved in issues concerning marriage, by today’s standards, but one must remember customs were different at the time. During Juliet’s era, she should have been interested in marrying and raising a family, but she did not until she met Romeo. When her mother brings up her pending marriage with the County Paris, she says, “It is an honor I dream not of (Act I, Scene III, Line 70).” However, when she sees Romeo, she falls in love in a matter of hours. She then decides she wishes to get married. This is rather ironic as she doesn’t want to think about subjects such as love, marriage, and motherhood, but suddenly chooses to endorse them with Romeo. Another trait of ludus lovers is that they fall in love with strangers that are appealing to their eyes. Juliet exemplifies this when she suddenly falls...

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