The Personality Traits Of Antigone Essay

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In the story of Antigone, Oedipus has already died, his two sons: Polyneices and Eteocles are left to contend the throne of the city of Thebes. In the contention for the throne, the two brothers are killed in battle, leaving Creon to be King. With this power, Creon declares that, Polyneices be left unburied, while Eteocles be given a burial with full military honors. To make matters worse, anyone that were to acknowledge the corpse of Polyneices would be given absolutely no support from the state and be severely punished. Creon stated, ?Polyneices, I say, is to have no burial: no man is to touch him or say the least prayer for him; he shall lie on the plain, unburied; and the birds and scavenging dogs can do with him whatever they like? (1.1.35-7). Antigone is now left torn between the state and her family, and in the end, chooses her family. She is seen as the daughter of a horrible royal tragedy, but that situation gives us, the readers a chance to see the many sides of her character. Antigone was a woman who stood up for her beliefs and would not let anyone attempt to change them. Without a doubt she is a character filled with determination and strength, but Antigone is also a character of extreme arrogance.Antigone is enormously determined to give her brother the burial she believes he deserves, even though she knew Creon?s punishment for breaking his law was public stoning, which ultimately resulted in death. In a way she becomes a martyr - she is giving up her life based on her belief that her brother Polyneices be given a proper burial as was her other brother Eteocles. There are so many consequences that will follow her actions but Antigone is only looking to demonstrate her love, honor and loyalty to her family. She makes is very clear that she has a will, an endless desire to bury her brother, ??But I will bury him; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy?? (Prologue.55-6). She doesn?t think twice even in a period of time when woman are seen to be ?lesser than.? It takes a lot of courage and strength for a woman to stand up to a man, especially when that man is King. One must feel very certain about what they have to say, as was Antigone. She is a believer in her own actions and entrusts that she is doing what the gods would want, contrary to the belief of Creon. Another way Antigone demonstrated her determination was when she asked her sister, Ismene to accompany her in the burial, and when Ismene refused, Antigone still kept her plan as solid as it was to begin with. Antigone has a strong desperation to avoid another shame, and leaving one of her only two brothers unburied would create nothing but that: more shame for Antigone.Strength is a word that means power or energy, might or stamina. In my opinion, Antigone is a synonym for strength. She took a situation that no one else would ever think to question or approach and succeed making it morally right to herself. As mentioned above, for a woman to disobey the King and then...

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