The Perspective Of A Heterosexual Teenager On Same Sex Marriage

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One day during a Sunday mass, I listened to Pastor Murray read from the book of Genesis, stating that"the LORD God said, 'it is not good that man should be alone;' I will make him a helper comparable to him...God had taken from man He made into a woman...and...she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man. Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." (Genesis 2:18-25)Suddenly, I realized that Father Murray was about to discuss one of the most controversial debates that the Canadian society has ever faced during his homily. I pondered about the church's decision on this arguable issue, and to what extent will the church's decision is moral? Pastor Murray effectively introduced the topic of same-sex marriage to parishioners by reading the Bishops' Catholic definition of marriage, which suggested that holy matrimony is a very sacred commitment between heterosexuals because God accepts their special intimate emotions that they share, but homosexual marriages are clearly unaccepted in God's perspective regardless of how deep their feelings are for each other.In addition, the bishop has emphasized two points. Firstly, he stressed that homosexuals should greatly reconsider their sex preference, for the reason that the bible has never stated or implied that same-sex activity or marriage is accepted by God. Secondly, homosexuals were never made for each other because God has never had the intention of creating two males or two females to have a sexual relationship, since reproduction is impossible and undesirable consequences (diseases) will result from homosexual intercourse. Furthermore, the bishop stated that same-sex marriage ceremonies will never - never be celebrated within the Catholic Church.After hearing such a profound homily, some parishioners enthusiastically agreed with him and others deeply pondered about the issue. Among the enthusiastic supporters of the Bishops' letter, I was one of them, who became one hundred ten percent in opposition to homosexual marriage. I refute same sex marriage for three significant reasons. Firstly, I believe that homosexuals were never created for each other. Secondly, undesirable consequences will be the result of homosexual behavior. Lastly, same-sex marriage has been morally unacceptable by many religions.Humans are naturally created to be heterosexuals by the fact that we are only psychologically and physically compatible with only the opposite sex. Same-sex couples are unnatural individuals. So why do same-sex couples get married when they are incompatible with each other? I do not believe that the excuse "I was born that way" is a legitimate one. Newborns have never crawled out of their mothers' wombs predetermined as homosexuals. Several scientists have researched on this issue, and they have not proved that humans can not be inherently homosexual, since the attraction for the same gender does not normally cross the mind of...

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