The Petrochemical Industry In Singapore Ways To Improve Safety

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The Petrochemical Industry in Singapore -Ways to Improve SafetyContentsExecutive Summary2Background2Purpose of Report2Summary of Main Findings and Recommendations2Main Body4Introduction4Background4Current Situation5Purpose of Report7Outline of Report7Methods and Procedures7Sources7Criteria for Evaluation7Findings and Discussion8Proposed Solutions8Evaluation of Solutions According to Criteria10Conclusion10Summary of the Problem10Summary of Findings and Discussion11Recommendations11References12Appendix13Executive Summary1.BackgroundAccording to the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB, 1998), the petrochemical industry is an essential component of Singapore's manufacturing sector. Basically, this industry specialises in the production of organic chemicals, which can be used as raw materials for other products (Bahrawi & Baumgarten, 2000). In Singapore, the establishment of a petrochemical hub at Jurong Island has contributed significantly to the rapid development of the petrochemical industry (Bhasi, 2002). Its products have also been used to improve the standards of living among Singaporeans. Indeed, the petrochemical industry has provided numerous advantages to the public. However, according to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM, 2001b), increasing accident rates in petrochemical plants have shown that the levels of safety in the petrochemical industry remain unsatisfactory.2.Purpose of ReportThis report aims to show that the risks associated with the petrochemical industry should not be overlooked. Subsequently, solutions will be proposed to minimise these risks.3.Summary of Main Findings and RecommendationsThe following two short-term and two long-term solutions are proposed to alleviate the problem of high risk levels in the petrochemical industry.Short-term Solutions1.Stricter Regulations for Handling ChemicalsA common set of regulations for factories in the petrochemical industry can be compiled in the form of a handbook and given to workers. This can reduce confusion and ambiguity. In addition, workers can refer to the guidelines in the handbook whenever they are unsure of or have forgotten correct safety procedures. This solution is effective and can be implemented with minimal costs. However, the implementation process requires extensive gathering of information regarding working procedures and safety measures from various personnel. There might also be conflicting views regarding certain aspects of safety due to different working environments.2.Education and TrainingInteractive and interesting courses should be conducted frequently to keep workers updated on new case studies of accidents. Training should also be provided whenever new machinery is introduced. Companies could reward workers for their contributions to improve safety and self-awareness. Sessions could also be organised for the workers to share their experiences and discuss ways to improve safety. However, financial costs might be incurred and productive man-hours might...

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