The Phantum Toll Booth Essay

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Milo was so excited he just couldn’t contain his own ideas “what should I do first” he pondered the thought, “I know I’ll take a walk in the park, I should pack a picnic too. The weather is nice enough, why not.” That is exactly what he did. He leaped and bounded from his room, stammering a little, for all of the new ideas in his head were making him dizzy. Milo raced into the kitchen and commenced the making of sandwiches. He turned it into a game to see how fast he could make two sandwiches, pack two juice boxes, and put them into a basket. “Done” he shouted and reached for his stopwatch, “Yes. Six minutes and thirteen seconds” He ran out of the apartment down the hall and to the elevator. He pushed the button to call the elevator and heard a ding, “I bet the sound keeper uses this sound a lot” the idea sprung into his head. He watched the LED number on the screen count down, 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, ding the elevator doors retracted into place. Milo, for the first time with actual interest, gazed at the beautiful lobby before him. There was a stunning crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a beautiful waterfall feature that could make any man stop and stare. It had live koi fish splashing under the falls and painted pebbles sitting at the bottom of the pond.
He was so excited that he ran out of the magnificent silver doors, almost knocking down the doorman, and down the street. Milo arrived at the park. He was looking around to find a spot for him to eat his lunch. He saw a patch of beautiful flowers that seemed to create a sort of path. “That’s odd” Milo thought, “I wonder where these flowers lead to. Wherever they go, I hope it isn’t too far away.” Milo, setting his basket down, cautiously followed the mysterious flowers.
“They seem to cut a path right into the forest” he concluded, “I hope I get there before I become too hungry.” He wandered into the forest trying carefully not to be poked by all of the stinging bramble. The small path of flowers opened up into a clearing. “CONGRATULATIONS” Milo jumped at the booming man’s voice. “YOU ARE THE WINNER” the loud man stated on his podium in the middle of the clearing. “YOU HAVE SUCCSEFULY FOUND ME, AND YOUR PRIZE IS. DRUMROLL PLEASE” Milo heard a drumroll that sounded as if it came from everywhere. “THIS LOVELY HANDCRAFTED SWORD.” The man drew the shimmering sword out of the sheath. The blade was engraved with designs like no other and it looked as if the mystical sword was bending, collecting, and storing light. Milo walked up to the podium where the man was standing. As Milo neared the mysterious man, he could see him more clearly. He was tall, had brown hair, he wore a suit that seemed too small for him, and he had a certain kindness that made Milo feel as if he could trust this man with his life. “My name is Will. Nice to meet you” the mysterious man said “Thank you for this sword” Milo replied timidly. The man, speaking softer now, said “you earned it. Make sure you don’t lose this. If it...

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