The Pharmacology And Toxicology Effects Of Ecstasy

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Ecstasy is a drug that became very popular by youths in the late 1980's. It was first discovered in the early 1900's by a German company called Merck. However, since he (who are you referring to? who is 'he?' your previous sentence talks about a company) did not market the drug nothing came of it. Ecstasy was than rediscovered in the early 1960's as a drug affective enhancer that could be used for patients who require therapy. Ecstasy was also tested by the US military, so it could be used as a truth drug. Today ecstasy is used worldwide at parties and clubs by youths because it makes them dance faster and longer. All the good, bad and neutral effects that ecstasy causes can be seen on the table below.Positive Effects Neutral Effects Negative EffectsLoss of appetite Muscle tensionAn increased willingness to communicate Eye jiggling Headaches, dizziness and loss of balanceAn increase in energy hallucinations Difficulty in concentratingFeelings of love and empathy Shivering Short term memory loseUrge to hug and kiss people Teeth chattering HyperthermiaIncreased awareness of senses Increased heart rate DehydrationFeelings of comfort and closeness Changes in body temperature Seizure and epilepsy which could result in a comaExtreme mood lift Increased blood pressure Nausea and vomitingHyponatremiaHangovers which could last for daysDepression and fatigue which could last for daysdeathSeizureThe drug ecstasy has a scientific name of 3, 4 - methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA). MDMA is a phenylethylamine, characterized as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen which basically means MDMA has the structure of C8H11N. The picture below shows the structure of MDMA and how it is made up.MDMA is a ring-substituted structure and it has methylenedioxy (-O-CH2-O-) group attached to positions 3 and 4 of the ring structure. MDMA is the scientific name for ecstasy but most drug dealers and ecstasy users have many other names for it such as adam, love drug, XTC and Calvin Klein. The drug is often classified as an entacotgen which is basically an agent that produces a "touching within" the body. This touching is exactly what ecstacy users want and it is because of this touching that makes people take and continue to take ecstasy. These touchings are produced from the serotonin and dopamine that is released when ecstacy is taken Many people who take ecstacy belive that it is a safe drug that has very little if no side effects. This belief that some people have is wrong and they need to be educated on the dangerous toxic effects of ecstasy that can sometimes lead to death. There are four main types of toxicities that can be caused by ecstasy. These are hepatic, cardiovascular, cerebral and hyperyrexic.According to recent reports a person with hepatic toxicity would look really jaundiced. So basically their eyes would have a yellowish type color as would their skin. Some reasons as to why they would look jaundiced is that they may have had an allergic drug reaction, or the...

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