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The Phases Of Communication And Its Collaboration

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Communication is derived from the Latin word known as communis which carried the meaning “to share”, which mean sharing of concepts, ideas, feelings, and emotions. Communication is a two-way process where it requires an exchange of and progression of ideas towards a goal. It is essential to identify the basic elements of communication in order for this process to materialize. The five basic elements of communication are sender, receiver, message, medium and feedback (Kaul, A., 2006).
The process of communication is separated into two phases. During the first phase, sender selects a message based on his ideas, behavior pattern and attention, encodes it and transmits it to the receiver through a medium (either oral, verbal or non-verbal). The receiver decodes the message as soon as he or she received the message and gives an internal response to the perceived message. The receiver then formulates his or her message, encodes it and transmits it back to the original sender. The second phase of communication process is referred to as providing feedback and this process is the most crucial elements in communication (Kaul, A., 2006).
We will briefly discuss three of the most popular communication applications for mobile devices, such as WhatsApp Messenger, LINE Mobile Messaging and Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is cross-platform mobile messaging application which allows user to exchange message without have to pay for the messages. It allows user to create group chats, send unlimited images, video and audio messages (“WhatsApp :: Home”, 2014). LINE Mobile Messaging is a mobile messaging and video calling applications with social networking. Gaming features also embedded in this application (Walker, L., 2014). Facebook Messenger is “an extension of Facebook messages, so all the conversions are in one place, including texts, chats, emails and messages.” (Boskar, B., 2011)
The words collaboration and collaborate derived from the Latin word known as collaborare, with col means together and laborare means to work. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, collaboration is defined as “To work in conjunction with another or others, to co-operate; especially in a literary or artistic production, or the like.” (Freshman, Rubino, & Chassiakos, (2010, p. 109). Collaboration is an interaction between multiple parties under organization context. All the parties working on the shared goal and all of them will be benefited from their efforts. Nowadays, collaboration can happen across boundaries easily (Pardede, E., 2011). In the general term, online collaboration means computation of some function over inputs that are distributed among different parties by using Internet (Acquisti, A., 2008). For example, employees can access to virtual work environments instead of sitting in a physical conference room. This virtual work space is the work space where employees can store and access data in the shared database in a collaborative way. They can save...

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