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The Phenomenon Of Bureaucracy. Is There Any Exit For Ukraine?

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Political AnalysisResearch PaperTopic: "The Phenomenon of Bureaucracy.Is there any exit for Ukraine?"Kiev 2001OUTLINEIntroduction.I. Bureaucracy: Origin and Main Point.1.1 Types of bureaucracy and its essence.II. A "struggle" against bureaucracy: is it an exit?2.1 A "Struggle" or "Counterbalance"?2.2 Is it an exit?Bibliography.INTRODUCTION.In classic Chinese poetry there is an image of gardener's trouble . He tells: "Planted I an orchid, not wormwood. Grew the orchid simultaneously with the wormwood ". The poet-gardener Bo Tzjii (772-846) tells then how roots and suckers of the noble and evil plants interlaced together. He can neither weed the second one without damaging the first one, nor water the first one without getting the water to the second one. In result, the wormwood grows with the orchid together.In conclusion he asks his friend-reader for advise: "What should I do in this case?"This example is the best to illustrate the phenomenon which appeared with a development of the oldest forms of state and social administration. State system means complicated forms of administration with a wide structure ,and while more complicate these forms- stronger bureaucratic implementation, stronger the interlacing of the roots. This situation is as a vicious circle and sometimes it seems that there is no escape from it.Everyone meets a bureaucratic phenomenon. There is no such society which did not look for the way of struggling against bureaucrats. But does it mean that we are free from bureaucratic stereotypes in our activity, behavior and the way of thinking?For the centuries there governed an authoritarian political culture in Ukraine. Therefore, one might say that bureaucracy is a common tendency of Ukrainians. Changing of social-political administration does not lead in immediate changing of mental behavior of people. Thus, in daily manifestation of bureaucracy one might see a deep footstep in individual and common self-consciousness of society.Talking about this phenomenon social science are not able to give an explanation the origin of bureaucracy. It is not surprising, since during Soviet regime only common problems of social administration were under development and western technologies in this field were severely criticized. Scientific development of the bureaucratic problem has been started only since 1985. Almost all authors evaluated bureaucracy in one way but had different definition of its origin and methods of overcoming this dilemma.I. Bureaucracy: Origin and Main Point.The word "bureaucracy" means the power of the office (Fr. bureau- office), the power of authority. Actually, this word does not have any negative meaning. Different authorities have power to govern in society for the good of citizens of the country.The origin of the word "bureaucracy" is often used as a synonym of administration. Nevertheless, the term "bureaucracy" was used as a rationally organized administration system where worked professional workers. This meaning...

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