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The Phenomenon Of Fan Fiction Essay

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A superhero is a type of fictional personality having unusual talents and powers. They most often appear in books of comics. After their triumph in the printed district, they have been featured in novels, TV series, radio serials, movies, and any other media. Most of them appearing in other media are tailored from comic strips, but exceptions and changes are common. Superheroes have had the typical characteristics of being athletic, tall, attractive and knowledgeable.
A phenomenon refers to a circumstance, an occurrence or a fact that is perceptible by the senses. It is taking a different behavior in fan fiction. Fan fiction/fanfic is a defined phrase for stories that are unpublished about characters or settings in an original work written by fans of, rather than by the genuine creator of the particular work. Fan fiction writers work under the assumption that their work is read only by other fans, and therefore, they presume their readers have knowledge of the original work where they base their articles (Hetcher, Steven1869-1935). This emerging behavior has become common with the readers of fictional work. However, fanfic remains a young in the literary family and its right to exist are still in dispute in some quarters.
By now a lot of people outside the odd world of fandom are aware of fan fiction existence, though no one is definite on whether to treat it as a literary genre or just an unusually entertaining hobby. They know that there are exceedingly many stories that are reader generated hovering about on the Internet based on characters from books, TV and movies. Fanfic has been there for a long time. However, it has attracted a remarkable amount of media interest lately. A number of significant papers have dedicated articles to the phenomenon. Writing fan fiction provides people with an audience. The audience experience can be both dynamic and interactive. Writers seldom have an opportunity to dialog with the author of original works, but they can easily reach a fanfic writer.
Fanfic’s stigma appears to be losing ground. Fan writers have found profitable contracts from the fiction phenomenon. They either earn from original works or from books based on ancient fictitious classics that are not protected by copyright. As a fan writer, Meg Cabot has revealed that as a student in college, the stories she wrote were based on Anne McCaffrey’s fantasy novels (Roberts, Robin 234). A person will want to write stories based on superhero characters in a comic book. In Harry Potter, Living with Danger series, the boy wizard has been raised by his uncaring, narrow-minded weird relatives as well as by an adoptive friendlier family. Xena pioneers this in a different universe of fan fiction, the “uber” genre showing heroines being reborn under different names as foreign aid workers, cops, or supplementary modern-day figures (Brillinger, Marc 35-41).
Another reason for fan fiction becoming popular is the training platform it offers writers. Hobb wrote...

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