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The Phenomenon Of Love At First Sight In Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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The Phenomenon of Love at First Sight in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

One of the first things that make reader believe in love at first
sight is the way Shakespeare created two characters who should of
hated each other in the form of Romeo and Juliet but who instantly
fell in love the moment they first saw each other. This shows the
reader that even though they were from feuding families and were each
others enemies love at first sight was in itself was a real enough
force to make two people fall in love

The first message in the play is where straight away Shakespeare makes
his first reference to love "… A pair of star crossed lovers take
their life… Doth with their death bury their parents' strife" Even
though this does not refer to love at first sight directly it does
help the reader believe in love at first sight as it is showing what a
powerful emotion love is. This is because at the begining of the play
the reader discovers the Montague's and the Capulet's (Romeo and
Juliet's families) hate each other so much that they have even killed
each other and it takes an even more powerful emotion than hate to
stop the feud. That is love; the families only "bury the hatchet" when
their children kill themselves because their love for each other is so
great. That is another example of Shakespeare's convincing portrayal
of the power of love and thus also love at first sight.

The part of the play where Romeo first sees Juliet is a very important
part of how Shakespeare convinces the reader that love at first sight
exists however Shakespeare also places some doubt in the readers mind
at this point about how genuine and long lasting Romeo and Juliet's
love would have been. This is because before Romeo sees Juliet he is
in love with another girl called Rosaline but when he meets Juliet he
forgets all about her and is suddenly in love with Juliet instead.
Here Shakespeare leaves the reader to interprite and guess at the
meaning of this. Some readers of the play may use this as an example
of how Shakespeare portrayed love at first sight to be such a real and
powerful phenomenon; it may come across to them as very convincing.
This is because even though Romeo loved Rosaline, as soon as he saw
Juliet something was powerful enough to make him instantly love her.

There are also many other factors of the play which Shakespeare has
created which make the reader doubt Romeo and Juliet's love and
therefore love at first sight. One of these is the fact that the
characters Romeo and Juliet were so young, although we do not know
their exact ages in the play it says that Juliet is nearly fourteen
and it is commonly assumed that Romeo is a few years older. This may
lead readers to question whether or not it was just 'puppy love' or
maybe it was just a physical/sexual attraction due to...

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