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The Philosophical Truth Pertaining To Healthy Love Relationships

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Have you ever sat down and wondered what does a healthy love relationship provide for us as subjects? We recently discussed Kelly Oliver’s Family Values: Subjects Between Nature and Culture. Kelly Oliver “examines the ways in which nature and culture have been defined in relation to sexual difference, articulated as the difference between mother and father” (Oliver xi). The reality of relationships has been controverted by some philosophers and has been accredited to the idea that everything can be fulfilled from self-love. Kelly Oliver gives us a clear picture, through text, of all the possible aspects of life we can gain within a healthy love relationship by two or more individuals coming together. These types of relationships can be developed with family, friends, and lovers. I would like to take you readers on an enticing journey of what I as a philosophy student believe one can allegedly obtain from a structural relationship. We, as society, have a distinct definition of what a healthy love relationship is, but we as individuals have a mindset of values or important concepts that we put in a distinct order of how we feel a healthy relationship should progress.
In this section, I will discuss what Oliver means by “social” and “embodied”. Before I get into Oliver I will begin by introducing readers to the broad definition of embodiment according to the dictionary, “embodiment can be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling)”. We’ve just seen how society explains what embodiment is, but now I must go on to Oliver’s text. Oliver explains in her introduction that her philosophical work is explaining “ the opposition between nature and culture has been figured as a war between the sexes that plays itself out between mother and father”(Oliver xi). To further explain this statement The Mother is going to be related to the embodied aspect, where as the father is going to be related to the social aspect. According to Oliver being embodied is the body being more closely analyzed than the individual herself. This mostly relates to the mother. The mother is a creator, exemplar of all women, and can’t be a part of society once she is a mother. This being because she is not an independent subject. She is merely the object while the child is the subject. Further support for this claim comes from Oliver’s text, in my own terms, stating she is associated with nature (the idea of nurturing) and so she is therefore silent to society. In this particular case Oliver makes it clear that nature and nurture work together instead of being against each other. In some coherent terms, the embodied means the body speaks for the individual rather than the individual speaking for the body. Oliver’s facet of the social construct is the giving the man designation of authority roles. It is simply a construct of the gender roles in society and the idea of living in a patriarchal society structure. This is where the “no-body” father...

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