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The recent vampire craze has encouraged me to discover exactly what makes it so fascinating to audiences today. I will be concentrating on the Twilight films primarily because of its enormous female fan base. The devoted teenage girls that watch the movies are exposed to negative gender stereotypes and abusive relationships, which could have a harmful effect unless it is properly addressed. Many of the fans that idolize Edward say that he is the “perfect” boyfriend, however if you examine his personality and attitude in the context of real life, it would make him a very creepy obsessive romantic partner. His controlling ways are described by Bella as something he does out of his deep love for her, that even stalking her around is even perceived as caring and romantic. They excuse his behavior because he is a vampire, which makes me wonder if other people also find their own excuses for unacceptable behaviors.
What could be the possible real life consequences if these girls follow this formula as basis for their relationships? When so many girls desire to be in Bella’s shoes, it would be interesting to uncover why the films are so appealing to them even if the protagonist is a weak pushover. Do women enjoy watching a passive female lead character being manipulated and dominated by men? I want to know if the young women of our generation are tolerating the sexist messages in the media especially in the Twilight films.
In the article, “Twilight and Philosophy: Vampires, Vegetarians, and the Pursuit of Immortality”, the author provides a lot of background on the sudden increase of vampire themed television shows, films, and books. She mentions some of the popular shows on television today: Vampire Diaries from CW, which is pretty much teen high school drama mixed with vampires, while HBO’s True Blood is about southern vampires only with an older and more mature audience because of the highly sexual and violent content. The vampire genre can capture both young teenage viewers and middle aged adults depending on the shows format. It is observable that many vampire shows like Buffy, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries are situated in a high school setting with characters struggling to fit into their surroundings. The anxieties of the female leads are usually about how to deal with the opposite sex and being desired by them. These issues are discussed in “School is Hell: gendered fears in teenage horror”, where it is said that aggression and seduction mix together in this environment to create a schoolgirl fantasy of engaging with forbidden sexuality. The text says that sex is something that we desire and fear at the same time. These stories focusing on dangerous heroes often reveals about inequalities in male and female relationship (Jarvis, 263). It seems that when girls are in love or attracted to a boy, he becomes the center of her universe that she lives her life around him which is exactly the same in Bella case, while boys on the other hand have...

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