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The Phoenix Essay

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The Yellow Phoenix

"What is it that makes a man 'a man'? Is it his origins - the way things start?"

Backstory: It is 1944, nearing the end of World War 2, and Hitler is resorting to the supernatural in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of war in his favour.

C boat troops arrive at a set of mystic ruins and find a group of D boat scientists led by Mortem and his mistress, Isa. A mysterious person in a gas mask named Sicarius, reportedly D boat’s top assassin, protects them. Mortem attaches a mysterious device to his hand. It is intended to open a portal to another dimension and awaken forces known as "The Four Gods of Chaos." Just as the portal opens, the C boat troops launch grenades into the site, killing some scientists and causing much disruption amongst the troops. Sicarius attacks the C boaters, killing several and wounding Professor Scopa (He is accompanying the C boaters) in the leg. Scopa crawls over to a fallen soldier and picks up a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it just beneath the portal. Sicarius breaks off his attack and tries to remove the grenade but cannot reach it in time. The grenade explodes, destroying the fully open portal and Sicarius’s right hand. Sicarius is then thrown back and impaled by a flying bit of debris from the portal and is suspected dead. Mortem’s skin pulls off in chunks towards the portal when unexpectedly he flies towards it and disappears, closing it. However, it was open for too long, someone or something got out. A young man, named Ash Still, enters scene. He wears a wild face. He had a bone to pick with Sicarius. Sicarius had done horrible things to his family. He walked calmly up to where Sicarius lay. He pressed his boot onto Sicarius’s neck and pulled out a thin, chromed, black blade from his trench coat. He pressed the blade against Sicarius’s chest. The blade cut deep, but alas, drew no blood, only sand. Sicarius was no man. He was so old that time had dried up his blood many moons ago. A look of angst now occupied his face as Ash walked away never, to be seen again.

Professor Scopa has his leg bandaged while instructing the remaining soldiers to search the island: They were fearful that something may have come through the portal before they could close it. Whilst inspecting a crypt like building Scopa and another soldier suddenly encounter a strange yellow bird-like creature with a massive stone claw. The soldiers are frightened and raise their weapons, scaring the creature however Scopa orders them to lower their weapons. Scope manages to attract the creature with a Baby Ruth chocolate bar. They realise that this creature, whatever it may be, is just a baby and is practically harmless to them. The soldiers give the creature a name based on its fiery yellow appearance: "The Yellow Phoenix."

The Yellow Phoenix is, to this day, denied of existence and is considered as an urban legend; much like Bigfoot.
60 years later

Several doctors are examining Professor Scopa. The findings are...

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