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Thanks to my art class I have a great opportunity to visit one of the biggest museums that I ever seen in my life, that was Phoenix Art Museum located in the downtown of the Phoenix metropolis. The artwork that inspired me, and I have carefully studied for this assignment was very interesting art piece completed by Jacopo Del Casentino’s who named this art piece Madonna and Child. For instance, Jacopo Del Casentino painted this work using tempera on poplar panel. According to the scholars and historians the painting was completed in 1335 in Italy. For instance, the portrait is Jacopo Del Casentino’s interpretation and vision of the Madonna and her baby Jesus. It is very interesting that ...view middle of the document...

While focusing on the Madonna’s face wed can notice that it is calm, and totally emotionless. In advance, Madonna’s cheeks are rosy-red in comparison to her pale-white skin. While looking in to her eyes they are longing and empty, that can prove the amount of sacrifice that she committed in order to bring in to the world God’s son Jesus. In advance, body language Madonna possesses tells the viewer that she is a loving mother. This can be seen by the way her hand is placed on the infant Jesus’ leg and backside, it is looks like she would protect her son no matter what, and he seems to be the most important part of Madonna’s life.
On the other hand, Jesus, like the Madonna, is very interesting and kind of challenging to the certain point. For instance, the child is small (infant), but interestingly has a very man like appearance of the face. In advance, Jesus face is serious and prominent, with a mature, a little sad look in his eyes. Comparable to Madonna, the halo around his head is very similar to the Madonna one, except Jesus halo is designed with lighter touch and include a swirl decorative motif stamped around halo. In advance, halo as a symbol of being saint, chosen one gave the final touch of the painting mystery. Next, while focusing on the dress, his clothing is a vibrant, light orange and red combination that actually create a good contrast with Madonna’ dark blue dress. We can also notice, Jesus with the bare feet that are exposed below his dress. In advance, his right hand is raised above his head, which can only mean the command of peace and prayer for the followers of the Jesus faith. As another element of being a king of kings Jesus in his left hand, holds small scroll,...

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