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The Physical Effects Of Music Essay

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Music can be a big influence on the life of a person. To some people, music can tell a story. It inspires creations, and influences behaviors. Artists can use music to express themselves through. Different music styles and eras relate to different cultures and time periods. What some people are not aware of, though, is that music also influences a person physically. Listening to and playing music can improve brain efficiency and health; therefore, children should be exposed to music at a young age.
During an experiment, subjects were exposed to classical music and silence. Afterwards, subjects took a spatial IQ test. Electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings, which measure brain wave activity, were made prior to and after the test. The results showed that the group which listened to Mozart had a major increase in brain activity (Lerch 5). Children who have had music training are shown to have better long-term memory and brain functions. A group of children, after being musically trained for one year, scored significantly better on a memory test that is correlated with literacy, verbal memory, visio-spatial processing, and mathematics (First Evidence 1). Learning to play music has the greatest effect on children. According to Lerch, a connection between listening to music and improved intelligence throughout maturity may be present. Musically trained children perform better on spatial tests than children trained in other things such as computers (Rauscher 1). These are some of the many reasons children should have music training. Dr. Fujioka, who studied the effects of music training said:
Previous work has shown assignment to musical training is associated with improvements in IQ in school-aged children. Our work explores how musical training affects the way in which the brain develops. It is clear that music is good for children’s cognitive development and music should be part of the pre-school and primary school curriculum (First Evidence 1).
The brain uses neurotic pulses to process thoughts and to create body functions. Music training also produces long-term modifications in underlying neural circuitry, even regions not primarily concerned with music (Rauschner 1). These modifications help to improve brain fuctions. Listening to music can excite the firing patterns of these neurotic pulses, especially those involved with spatial reasoning, improving cognitive ability tasks. Some of these neurotic pulses, when recorded and turned to sound, even have many similarities to baroque, new age and Eastern music (Lerch 3), some of the most important music eras. Spatial-temporal firing patterns of interconnected neuron groups have the ability to find and recognize patterns in pulses and can be strengthened by learning (Rauschner 1). The synchronization of these patterns into specific temporal sequences have allowed for the performance of other more complicated spatial tasks, such as the ones that use spatial-temporal reasoning (add source ).

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