The Physicalc Description Of Dry Ice.

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The Basics on Dry IcePhysical DescriptionDry ice is a condensed compound in the atmosphere known to man as carbon dioxide. Dry ice is used for many purposes. For example dry ice is used most to freeze, and keep things frozen because of its very cold temperature: -109.3F or -78.5C (-51.5K). Dry ice is widely used because it is simple to convert to its frozen form and easy to handle using insulated gloves.How Dry Ice Is MadeThe first step in making dry ice is to compress carbon dioxide gas until it liquefies, at the same time removing the excess heat. The CO2 gas will liquefy at a pressure approximately 870 psi. at room temperature. Next, the pressure is reduced over the liquid carbon dioxide by sending it through an expansion valve. Part of the liquid evaporates, causing the remainder to cool. As the temperature drops to -109.3F, the temperature of the frozen CO2, some of it will freeze into snowflakes. This dry ice snow is then compressed together under a large press form blocks. Dry ice is much heavier than traditional ice, weighing about double.Physical PropertiesPHYSICAL PROPERTIESCritical Density28.9855 LB/FT3Critical Pressure1066.3 PSIACritical Temperature87.8FDensity Gas0.1234 LB/FT3@32FDensity Liquid63.69 LB/FT3@0FLatent Heat of Vaporization241 BTU/LB 0FMolecular Weight44.004Sublimation Temperature-109.3F 04 -78.5CSolubility in H2O79FT3 CO2 BAS/FT3 (when H2O is at 32F)Triple Point-69F 75.1 PSIAViscosity Gas0.015 Centipoises @32FViscosity Liquid0.14 Centipoises @0FChemical FormulaCO2Chemical FamilyInorganicSublimationA point of Dry Ice sill sublimate into 8.3 cubit feet of carbon...

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