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The Physics Of Cheating In Baseball

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My science report is about whether a corked aluminum bat hits a ball farther than a regular aluminum bat. But first before I get into that boring science stuff, I’ll tell you about the history of baseball. Baseball originated in American before the Civil War (1861-1865) the game was called rounders and was played in sand lots. The first professional team was founded in Cincinnati in 1869. During the 1950’s and 60’s the MLB really took off, it was a time for expansion for the American league and National league. Then new turf fields and new bigger stadiums changed the game forever in the 80’s, But in the 90’s it was all about getting home runs. There have been 245,913 home runs hit in MLB ...view middle of the document...

I will use regular baseballs as the projectile I am hitting with the two bats. I will not be swinging the bats, I will use a device to swing the bats for me so the swings are always in the same spot and the same exact speed each time. My device for swinging the bat will be a skeet thrower but I will rig it so it will swing a baseball bat. I will also use a pitching machine to throw the balls so they are accurate and the same speed each time. I will also need a ruler to measure how far each ball goes. I will also use pen and paper to record the end results. I might even hit the balls off of a tee I haven’t decided yet.
My procedure is to set up my swinging mechanism in a long open area, probably the football field, and hit a ball at least 25 times with each bat to get good results. I will then calculate the average distance the balls are hit with each of the two bats. The procedure shouldn’t take too long to complete but I will go slow so everything goes right. This experiment will I will also see which bat creates the most momentum, I’m betting it will be the corked bat but we will see. The equation for momentum is p = m * v, where p represents momentum and m represents mass and v represents velocity. In aluminum bats there is something called the trampoline effect. “in a well-designed aluminum bat, the energy in the surface vibrations can be almost completely returned to the ball”(M.C. Lee). There is arguments stating whether corking aluminum bats work or not, some people say they work some say they don’t, I don’t know if they did something wrong or different or if it is just perspective.
In a study done by Steven Diggs, he wrote, “One thing many people didn’t know is that an aluminum bat also can be corked. By taking the top off the bat and putting tennis balls inside the barrel, the bat’s bounce power will increase dramatically, which could mean the difference between a home run and a fly out.” (Steven Diggs Jr.). This man used tennis balls to increase the...

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