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The Pilgrimage For Salvation In The Eyes Of The Monkey

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Dante extolled Beatrice’s existence which encouraged him to get out the entanglement of the forest when he was dying. Beatrice was a marvelous companion to him on the pilgrimage. “Under the powerful compulsion of this love for Beatrice, Dante entered into a new apprenticeship, an apprenticeship in the art of poetry as the path to reach the truth about their love” The ultimate target of the journey is to serve God. However, pilgrims are entitled to see God without an interpreter only if they become forgiven of sins. The trails in the journey are the god-given gift for salvation. As Oscar Wilde said,“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” So the more ...view middle of the document...

As one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature, The Journey to the West shows the strong roots in Chinese folk mythology, folklore, Taoist and Buddhist theology.
By comparing the content of the two works, it seems that “pilgrimage emerging from the work as a whole seems most consistent with the religious tradition which the text presupposes.” But that cannot be overlooked is that the trails and salvation in the two journeys have distinctly different significance. The Divine Comedy is concentrated on the soul’s salvation. When you are aware of yourself as the image of God and starts to purify yourself, you are able to take the journey to meet God. Otherwise, as Virgil said, in the Inferno.
Ond' elli a me: "Perché tu mi dischiomi, porgotorio 27 130
né ti dirò ch'io sia, né mosterrolti
se mille fiate in sul capo mi tomi.”
(You can peel me bald and I won't tell you who I am, nor give a hint,even if you jump upon my head a thousand times.)
This coincides with Holy Bible, God’s word, when Jesus said that “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Through the journey, pilgrims can gain in experience to distinguish the meaning of God’s word from an awareness of sin. At very beginning of Paradiso, it reminds us to see “the gap between both psychological categories and language itself,”and says that
Trasumanar significar per verba
non si poria; però l'essemplo basti
a cui esperïenza grazia serba.
(This passing beyond humanity cannot be set forth in words: therefore let the example suffice any for whom grace reserves that experience)
The salvation of the soul is the realization that improvement of individuals comes under the care of God. While Chinese religion is concerned with the heart. China as an important cultural region in Asia, and was not only affected by both Buddhism and Confucianism, but also by Taoism. That’s one of reasons why the Journey to the West shows the strong roots in Taoist and Buddhist theology. Chinese religion aims at improving their humanity through self-effort. Self-enlightenment flesh out the human heart policed and sharpened. There are four main characteristics in the journey to the Western World. They had the same reason as original sin. The monkey “caused havoc in Heaven and is a order offender. The pig has moral sin because he likes to molest fairs. Sha Wujing ate human with a trespass. ” It seems that if you break the rule, you have sinned. Salvation requires the restoration of order and self-enlightenment. On this point, the belief is different from Christianity which mentions the universality of sin.

It is interesting to note, as easterners and westerners have different emphasis on salvation, even if the readers have different reading experience, they can be influenced by experiences to be an integrated man in the same direction ultimately. In The Divine...

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