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The Pirates' Adventures Essay

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Captain Zedraprinadae, or Captain Zed, was with his pirate friend, Samantha, or Sammy. They were sailing to The Edge Of The Sea, which was said to hold much treasure, but none that left for it returned. In the middle of a beautiful sunrise, land was spotted. "Land Hoy, Land Hoy!" the First Mate screamed. Zed just simply nodded, trying to concentrate. He just couldn't though. The fact they were actually going to the Edge of the Sea amazed him, and left him awestruck. Once the ship was parked in the sea, Sammy and Zed went to have a gander, to see if there was any treasure. "Cap'n are ye sure that there be treasure here? I don't see anythin'." "I am sure Samantha. I didn't see any water past ...view middle of the document...

They stayed there for the night, hoping to get back to the ship.

Zed woke up the next morning, but Sammy was nowhere to be found. Zed went all around the island, but still no Sammy. He climbed up almost all the trees when he found her. She was sleeping on a tree branch. Zed tried to do the same before getting her, it seemed to be a useful thing if this ever happened but the branch broke under his weight. All he remembered was falling, falling, falling.

When he finally woke up, Sammy was running towards him. "'Ey Cap'n! Ye feelin' alright now? I heard the branch snap, and when I saw that ye was sleepin', I directed us so we would land on a tree, got ye, got down on the ground, and then quickly rushed back 'ere. I thinks ye need some rest." "Samantha, I am fine. I want to know one thing. How did you sleep on that tree branch?" Zed asked quickly. "Oh, I need to tell ye I guess. I be connected with trees. I have their powers and can talk to 'em." Zed began to feel a significant throbbing, so he followed her orders and went to sleep.

When Zed woke up again, they were on the ship. Sammy was steering the ship. And she was doing it amazingly. No doubt. They were going around the island to see what was past it. It was nothingness. Just pure void. Sammy noticed the small gap between the ship and the void and turned the ship as far as she could. But the ship couldn't handle the pressure, and the captain's special steering wheel soon unscrewed. The pirates began to feel...weightless. They remembered that the Edge of the Sea didn't just end the world. It ended gravity.

The ship was just floating in midair, unable to go anywhere. There was NOTHING here, and the pirates were beginning to feel more weightless somehow. "Sammy! You be disintegratin'! Quickly move outta the way! I got this!" The determination oozed from Zed's words. Zed cleared his mind and telekinetically moved the ship. He was pushing his limits. Once the ship began to hit water again, Zed was beginning to lose focus. His telekinetic abilities were draining him of his life force quickly. Super powers took a lot of effort to use, especially with cases like these.In one final push, Zed got the whole ship into water and collapsed on the ship. He was dying. His powers drained too much of him. His last thought was,'Goodbye cruel world', as his vision was completely covered with bright white light.

"Zed? Zed? ZED!" The worry obvious in Sammy's voice. She tried to think of a solution while Zed was slowly drifting off. Then, during Zed's final breath, it dawned on her. Hierotezca. The god released a shining green shockwave that only seemed to have hit Sammy. She tried with all her might to think of life and Zed as he was alive. Before Zed's eyes completely closed, Sammy quickly put her hand on his...

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