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There are several ways to interpret for the variability in archaeological data in the Pitts River Basin of northwestern Australia, but first, the history and the archaeology must be exhibited. The entire site used to be underwater because the ocean levels had not stabilized 5000 years ago, so a lot of artifacts surfaced once the levels stabilized and the land dried up. In the basin, there were two types of people who were very contemporary. This is suggested by knowing that hunters and gatherers were marrying outside their group and that the women were the ones who hunted and built this kind of economy. The Pitts River Basin workbook problem shows three major differences in the ...view middle of the document...

The unifacial points were there because it is a more recent date and the hunters and gatherers were looking for carbohydrates. When there is jus a meal that consists of seeds, it takes forever to gather the full meal, so everyone needs to be taking a part in looking for the food.
The second inconsistency comes from the site of Bonzakilla “B”. The site in question was dug in the filling of a narrow split between a smooth and concave boulder. Bonzakilla “B” produced an interesting stratigraphy, as the first and third layers of artifacts contained charcoal samples of different dates. For the third layer of the artifacts, the date was shown as 2650 B.P. and for the first, 2900 B.P. Bonzakilla “B” is a wonderful example of reverse stratigraphy, and another disagreement in the archaeological record because the dates are switched.
The third and final example is that of Gray’s creek, a site which holds an interesting item that was found on the site. This item is a pendant of a baler shell, the creature, the supplies for the exotic find, and the shell living around 1,000 miles away near the Cape York Peninsula. The shell could be said that it releases the spirit of the animal. It was a very lucky thing to be able to find this midden because other middens were underwater and hard to find. There was a lot of revisitation to try and uncover other shells and middens. When the sites were revisited, there was remote-sensing...

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