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The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater is a professional dance company located in Pittsburgh, Pa. The company performs a majority of their shows at the Benedum Center. They also use the August Wilson Center. The organization uses their website ( for information on the company’s performances and members as well as ticket sales, education and news on other events. (Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre)
The home page for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater has a simple layout and a neutral color scheme. The first thing a consumer sees is an ad showcasing an upcoming performance of The Nutcracker. To the right of the ad, there is a YouTube video that takes the viewer backstage and into the dress rehearsal for the show. Links for ticket and group sales, the ballet school, and upcoming performances can be found on the home page. There are also sectioned tabs containing information on the current season shows, The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School, education, news and events. (Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre)
From a consumer and marketing perspective, the website is attractive, appealing, and user friendly. The layout and color scheme is simple and easy on the eyes. The color scheme has a calming quality. Blue and pink pastel colors reflect on ballet and ties in the girly aspects that ballet is often associated with. Showcasing upcoming performances on the home page makes it easy for consumers to keep up with the company’s schedule. It is right there, easy to find and the user doesn’t have to waste time scrolling through different pages. The YouTube clip gives a preview to the show and can help someone become familiar with show and giving them a glimpse into what they can expect. Another good feature to the website is information tabs. Each tab is sectioned into groups making it quick, easy and convenient to find the information the consumer is looking for. (Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre)
The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater is active on several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. They are most active of Facebook and Twitter. The ballet company’s Facebook has 7,242 likes. ("Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School - Pittsburgh, PA - Business Services, Dance Instruction | Facebook.") They can be found on Twitter under @PghBallet and they have 8,544 followers. They update often on both accounts about upcoming performances, ticket sales, pictures, and other performing art events occurring in and around Pittsburgh. ( "Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.")
From a marketing standpoint, social media is very important. In this day and age, everyone is connected to technology. By updating often, it keeps the consumers informed and up-to-date with the latest shows and ticket sales. It also keeps consumers interested in the industry. It allows the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater to keep constant contact with their consumer. It also allows the company to use various different promotions just as online contest, tweet to win promotions, like to wins.
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