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A deadly disease that has a history for pandemics has nicknames of “Black Death or Black Plague”(BubonicPlague1). The plague is an infectious disease that is caused by Bacterium Yersinia Pestis.
Yersinia Pestis gets passed around by rodents and then to fleas and then to humans. The fleas bite the rodents, that are infected with this bacteria, and once Yersinia Pestis is internalized the bacteria will start to multiply. The bacteria in the flea gets so big that, when the flea tries to feed on the human, it stops any blood from going in to the fleas stomach cavity. Instead of the blood going through the Yersinia Pestis comes out and into the human being. Therefor “a single gene was likely responsible for the death of about 25 million people during the plague pandemics of the Middle Ages”(BubonicPlague8). All of this is the causes that started the plague. There’s only one other way that the plague can be passed on and its if the Yersinia Pestis gets into the human beings lungs. Then that human being can pass it on to another human being by then coughing and sneezing. This form can only happen because there are three forms of the plague.
The three forms of the plague all have a different levels of seriousness and symptoms. Forms of the plague are bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemia plague. Out of all three of the plagues, the bubonic plague is the most common and the other two are more fatal. Bubonic plague is the result of a fleabite and is caused by swollen. The symptoms for the bubonic plague is lymph glands. The lymph glands are also called buboes, which are very painful. Other symptoms are shivering, vomiting, fever, muscles aches, intolerance to light, weakness, pus in armpit, pus on groin, white coding on tongue, and also hemorrhaging. Hemorrhaging is heavy bleeding under the skin that results in dead tissue that looks like black spots on the skins surface. The prevention for bubonic plague is keeping it clean and rodents out. Also to disinfect and keep the house and everything around you tightly. The bubonic plague isn’t as fatal as the other three plagues and if “not treated bubonic plague has a death rate of about 60 percent”(Plague3). The bubonic plague has been in many pandemics but so have the other two plagues. Most people hear about bubonic plague more that septicemia plague and pneumonia plague.
The second plague is the Pneumonia Plague. This plague is not the fastest fatal one but it is the most contagious. The reason it’s the most contagious is because the bacteria gets into the persons lungs. The lungs are where you breath and that results in it being more contagious. Since it is contagious by a person coughing, saliva, kissing, and sneezing. When someone gets this plague the government health agency is notified and the person goes under isolation. Another reason why the person will be put into isolation is because this plague “can be transmitted from person to person by droplets in air”, which can spread very rapidly...

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