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The Globe And Mail Newspaper: Reasons Why People Choose This Particular Newspaper.

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Imagine an average weekday morning of an average Chief Executive Officer. It is 6 a.m. He is ready to drive to his office but there is one more thing to do: drink up a cup of coffee while looking through the morning newspaper. He has just a couple of minutes to catch up breaking news, check the market statistic and find something neutral such as arts or sport events to talk about with associates during a short lunch break. "The Globe and Mail" is a perfect newspaper for this occasion. It is published for working people who do not have a lot of time to read through long articles but need to be aware of the main events in Canada and the rest of the world. The content of "he Globe and Mail" suggests it is mainly targeted towards business people."The Globe and Mail" began printing in Toronto in 1843. As Canada's National Newspaper the Globe and Mail leads the national market in both Monday to Friday and Saturday circulation. In March 2001 a press release report was issued reporting that "The Globe and Mail's" Monday-Friday average paid circulation is $353,951. Saturday total average paid circulation is $415,908. "The Globe and Mail" offers over a million readers all over Canada national, international and business reporting, analysis and commentary. The newspaper retains a strong base of subscribers even as thousands of free and deeply discounted newspapers continue to be distributed in the Canadian market. ( first part of "The Globe and Mail" consists of important news in such fields as politics, military, environment and law issues. The information is presented extremely clear by using short headlines and relevant photos with explanatory captions. The articles are short and go straight to the point. For instance, the international politic news about killing attempt in France first appears on the cover page by a huge headline with evocative words such as "Neo-Nazi" and "kill" (The Globe and Mail, A1). There is a brief explanation of what happened and what reaction followed the incident. Afterwards, on the ninth page, there is a big photo of Chirac waving to his people on the parade, which seems to be rather peaceful. On the other hand, the caption tells about the assassination attempt and the president's response, which is meaningless and foolish: "Ah, bon. [Oh, well.]" (The Globe and Mail, A9). As Peter Robinson says, "captions are another means of manipulating photographs". The consequences of such a captioning could be unpredictable: from a decrease of French stocks to a loss of trust to the French government."The Globe and Mail" section B corresponds to the "Report on Business". The information and articles posted in this part are well written, well distributed and considerably easy for everyone to find the necessary information. The cover page or 'Report on Business' is a summary of the most important articles that are presented. A businessperson can find the most relevant news easily and rapidly by avoiding reading the...

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