"The Planet Of The Apes" (Goldsmith Vs. Elfman)

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It is no surprise that a great movie like the "Planet of the Apes" would settle for a sub par musical score. "The Planet of the Apes" 1968 version scored by Jerry Goldsmith is considered to be "avant-garde", and his score was considered to be groundbreaking and innovative. "The Planet of the Apes" 2001 version scored by Danny Elfman for many was taken as a great musical score. In comparing the early film and its new version, I found that both composers were able to portray the theme of the film to the best of their abilities. I appreciated their work in these films; they are very talented musical composers.Jerry Goldsmith's music in "The Planet of the Apes" was considered to be bold and original in the world of film. Goldsmith is well known for hits like, "Patton" and "Chinatown". The film," The Planet of the Apes" itself helped depict the outcome of the music in "The Planet of the Apes" 1968 version. To me, "The Planet of the Apes" was a disturbing, dark, and thrilling movie. The music that Goldsmith provided for the film matched the intensity of the film. His music was very progressive in every scene. It seemed to get bigger and louder as the action progressed. Listening to the music that Goldsmith composed was really mind-boggling. Even though it was dissonant, his score was able to capture the upside down world in which apes were the masters and in which the humans were the slaves. The theme of disorder and chaos in "The Planet of the Apes" really worked in the film. The sounds of the film were distorted unrecognizable sounds. There were these sharp "whooshing" sounds that sounded as if it were a knife that was prominent in the film. The sounds were heightened in the suspense, and lead us to yearn for more and be more interested in the film. The music was very dramatic. Mickey mousing was even used when the three astronauts were running to find their clothes. Goldsmith had repeating motifs and sounds. The themes helped the movie to move along because the audience was able to find out what was going to happen next. The sounds that Goldsmith used had primitive and tribal sounds. One could hear that he used percussion, brass, strings, and some woodwind. Not being a music expert, it was hard to pick out the exact instruments that Goldsmith used. But in researching about Goldsmith I found out that he used unconventional methods to produce his music from a conventional orchestra. He instructed the string section to play with their wood side of the bow, he also told the woodwind section to use the "flutter tongue technique" (to play with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek), to play without mouthpieces, and even using a mixing bowl to capture just that sound. Horn players were also instructed to blow air through instruments with mouthpieces put on backwards. The most interesting thing that Goldsmith used for this film would be the use of a Brazilian instrument called the cuika, which sounded like an "excited ape". The theramin as well as an...

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