The World Renowned Author: Nicholas Sparks

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King of Hollywood romance, bestseller author, writer of all of the heart-wrenching novels; Nicholas Sparks is one of the most famous present day authors. Nicholas Sparks is the well-known author of Safe Haven, The Lucky One, The Last Song, the world-renowned Notebook, and many more. He is 47 years old and one of the most loved authors in Hollywood. Nicholas Sparks is a very interesting author and has many great books to follow his already famous career.
Nicholas Sparks is a 47 year old, hard-working, creative author. He puts everything he has into each book, but he always puts family first. Nicholas Sparks lives in New Bern, North Carolina with his wife Cathy, his five kids, and his six dogs and two rabbits. His childrens’ names are Miles ( he is 21), Ryan (he is 19), Landon (he is 13), and his twin girls Savannah and Lexie are 11 years old. He has been married for 27 years and he reveals in his book ‘The Best of Me’, “Love means never having to say you’re dead”(1). Nicholas Sparks grew up with his brother, Micah, and was raised being Roman Catholic. After graduating high school, he attended Notre Dame Business school and later became a Pharmaceutical Salesman. After working as a salesman, he later decided to become an author. After becoming an author, he later became one of the most loved and bestselling authors on the book shelves of Hollywood.
Soon after Nicholas Sparks wrote his first book, he was quickly noticed by all of the teens and women that enjoyed reading romances. His first big break was “The Notebook”, which received over one million dollars in advance and became his first bestseller. Ever since ‘The Notebook’, Nicholas Sparks has had sixteen bestsellers in fifteen years, including the beloved ‘Longest Ride’ being the fifth best selling book from September to October 2013. He has written 19 books total. Some of his bestseller books include, ‘The Lucky One’ (which sold over 1 million copies), Safe Haven (which sold over 900,000 copies), and ‘The Best of Me’ (which sold over...

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1259 words - 6 pages sentence patterns and vocabulary. From this, and other events occurring in the book, the reader is enticed to finish. In conclusion, the author provided marvelous details of the characters and setting. Works Cited Sparks, Nicholas. The Choice. Boston: Grand Central Publishing, 2007. Print.

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