The Planning Process For A Live Public Event

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Contents 2
Contacts 3
Introduction 4
Event details 5
Event Description 5
Event Location 5
Entertainment 5
Attendance 6
Audience Profile 6
Equipment 6
Promotion 6
Communications 7
Organisational Structure 8
Staffing 8
Contractors 9
Health and Safety 10
Welfare Prevision 10
Noise Management 10
Crowd Management 11
Entrance and Exit Points 11
Management of attendees 12
Signage and public information 12
First aid cover 12
Fire risk assessment 12
Risk assessment 13
Emergency vehicle access 13
Evacuation plan 13
Legal implications, licences and contractual arrangements 14
Licensing 14
Insurance 15
Contracts 15
Financial implications 16


1. Bristol ambulance service –

Address: Jacwyn House, 1 Kings Park Ave, St Philips, Bristol, South Glous BS2 0TZ

Phone:0117 972 9020

1. Bristol Fire department
Address; Temple back, Bristol, Bs1 6eu
Phone; 0117 926 2061

1. Bristol police station
Address; Trinity Rd St Phillips, Bristol

Phone; 01275 818340


This Report has been produced in order to show the formation of an event, that I am hoping to host. It allows organisers to use it as a guide, in order to understand the legal and health and safety policies and procedures that need to be put in place to satisfy authorities. such as police and environmental departments, local government and council and emergency services. The purpose of this document is to, identify basic standards and providing a consistent safe approach to the event. It also gives any indication of what to expect before, during and after the event takes place.
Identifying each activity that needs to be undertaken, will give an idea to whether the venture is possible or unrealistic and weather the event will make a profit or a loss. Giving the opportunity to rearrange and change ideas.
To determine the success of any event, the planning process will need to consider every aspect that needs to be covered so that nothing is missed and organisation is of a high standard.

Event details

Event Description
I have decided to host a live drum and bass night, which will consist of three main headline acts –Dr Meaker, Dub Fx and Dub Mafia
The purpose of this event is to showcase live drum and bass and Bristol’s diverse music scene` there are now hundreds of dance nights that are hosted in Bristol t each month, however, there are not so many live drum and bass bands and I feel this could generate a larger crowd and introduce this music into the Bristol music scene
Event Location
This event will be held at the island, – a community arts centre, which is situated on nelson street in the centre of Bristol. There are plenty of transport links into the city, with the bus station and an overnight stay car park just five minutes distance from the venue. The venue itself is an old police station and has a number of spaces available. The lockdown studios is where I would like to host the event, however, the venue is only...

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