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The Platoon Essay

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It was a gloomy night, the moon and stars seemed to be hiding away, lurking behind the thick mist that was carried through the marshes, and who could blame them on a night like this. The bitter wind was swiftly blowing, creating tiny water ripples throughout the mire. The air was fresh and clean this night, and all was as silent as could be.
?I had not had a chance to take in the splendour of our surroundings Captain, until now that is. I mean just look at this place, it?s so calm and serene,? Dan whispered.
Captain Ethan Boaz could see the gleam in the eyes of his most diligent and accomplished soldier he ever came across in one of his platoons. But he wasn?t just his most flourishing trainee, but one of his most loyal and satisfying friends for over five years in the military.
?It is indeed Dan, this is a precious place, a place of hope and of courage. I am sure you realise that we were sent here to battle and die Dan, we are merely being used as pawns to buy our army more time to retreat,? replied Captain Boaz.

Buy now Captain Boaz?s platoon had lost more lives to even try and tally, they were about 500 men sent to clash against 10 000 until their fatality. None of them knew this of course, it only became apparent after the two enemies came face to face in the torrential rain. They were notified that the war was nearly won, and that only a diminutive troop of one hundred men were left to the remote south side of the land mass. The decision was taken that the military would go back to their base, but Platoon 49 had to end the war by taking out the final one hundred men left.
?There are only the two of us present Captain, it also seems we have lost all of our horses too. We are destined to die here, we should try and retreat before it?s too late Captain.?
Captain Boaz sighed and said,
?Don?t tell me you have lost your courage Dan, we are still breathing and as long as we have any breath and life in our bodies we shall struggle even if it is to our tragic end. If we recoil now like cowards they will catch up with us on their swift horses and slay each one of us. If we are going to pass on here today, we will pass on together, as one and go down with a tale worthy of appraisal in years to come! ?

Dan understood the strength of mind of his Captain better than anyone ever could, he is a war veteran who has the heroism that no man could ever have, and he was a most accomplished warrior who wouldn?t back down even if it was him in opposition to one million other enemies. He was Dan?s idol and mentor, he would trust him all the way, until they perished if he had to.
?You are right my friend, fleeing away would not only be a mistake, but a dishonour to our homeland and our people, we must shield them no matter what, and if buying them time would be of assistance to them then we will buy them as many seconds, minutes or hours as what we possibly can! They know we?re out here Captain, what shall we do?? asked Dan uneasily.

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