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The Play Named "Antigone" Journal Literature Journal

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Yena Cho
Dramatic literature
Antigone Journal Entry
1. Antigone was a woman who kept protesting and trying to obtain what she wanted. In Antigone, Kreon, who was a king in the book of Antigone, commanded that Polyneices should not be buried since Polyneices betrayed his own country and even tried to attack Kreon’s country. Despite of the king’s law, Antigone buried him and it led her to a death. Antigone did not afraid of her fate, death. On the other hand, Ismene obeyed circumstances that happened to her and tried to do nothing to face the problem. To be detail, when Antigone asked Ismene if she is going to help Antigone with burying their brother, she said this: “We are women, born unfit to battle men, and we are subjects, while Kreon is king. No, we must obey, even in this, even if something could hurt more.” Then, Antigone said, “If I die for doing that, good: I will stay with him, my brother.” These show how different they were in the story.
2. If I were Haemon, I would follow Kreon’s decree, which was not burying Polyneices, who betrayed my country. Even though I love Antigone, I do not agree with her statement. If I put myself in Kreon (my father)’s shoes, I could genuinely understand him. Kreon lost his sister, her husband and his sister’s son. He already has spent a lot of hard times. Since Oedipus told Kreon to be a king, Creon must have decided to defend what he has with all of his efforts. Due to that, Polyneices’ betrayal probably was hard for Kreon to understand and forgive him. Therefore, I would understand Kreon and try to convince Antigone to consider the situation at another point of view.
3. In Antigone, there was a conflict between laws of God and laws of man. When Antigone tried to break a law of Kreon who said not to bury Polyneices, she said this: “I did not believe...

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