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The Play Of Frankenstein Essay

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Frankenstein, a play adaption done by Colony High School, was directed by Mr. Brian Mead, a language art, drama, journalism, and digital communications teacher. The genre of this play was more horror and romance than anything else. I attended with my friend and my father November 16, 2013. It all starts when Victor Frankenstein becomes fascinated with electricity and convinces himself that he can recreate life. He has two men gather a recently dead body to bring back to him. Along the way, it is revealed that Victor is to be married soon to his love, Elizabeth. Once the men have delivered the corpse to Victor, he wastes hardly any time. Victor brings Henry to his lab to assist him in bringing the dead back to life. After moments of waiting and preparations with electricity had been made, nothing happened. Victor gave up on his idea, with Henry’s convincing, and left. While he is gone, the corpse is stricken by lightning, making it come to life. When Victor comes back, he sees his creation and is more than excited. He examines the now breathing corpse carefully and talks with Henry, who gives caution to Victor from the side, about ideas and ways to experiment. The corpse lashes out once Henry brings light close to him and ends up falling out the window, never to be seen by Victor or Henry for many weeks after. The corpse, who I will now call Frankenstein, finds an old blind woman named Delacy. Since she is blind, she finds no terror or shock when she talks with him and instead treats him like he is a regular person. She gives him food and warmth from a blanket and even teaches him a few words. There is a small time skip and when it is brought back, Delacy has taught Frankenstein to read, talk, and understand more things than he did when he was first brought back to life. Delacy soon asks Frankenstein if he could gather wood for her so a fire can be made, and he agrees. A few seconds after he leaves, the two men who helped Victor bring the corpse to his lab appear. They steal Delacy’s few belongings and end up killing her in the process. When Frankenstein gets back and sees Delacy on the ground and the other two men around her, he questions them. Once he is told what happened, even though they are lies, he lashes out. Frankenstein locks one man in a house, which burns down, and kills the other man. He then leaves. Frankenstein soon finds a boy named William, Victor’s little brother, trying to find his dog. Frankenstein helps William and soon realizes that he accidently killed the dog. When he tells William, William becomes angry with him. Frankenstein tries to hug William but kills him in the process. Frankenstein then steals William’s necklace and puts it in the pocket of a woman he finds beautiful sleeping in the barn. Frankenstein then goes back to Victor’s home, where word is soon after spread that William was killed and that the servant, Justine, killed him since his locket was found in her pocket. Victor helps Frankenstein understand more...

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