The Play Of Oedipus The King Deals With Many Different Issues. Oedipus Unknowingly Killed His Father And Slept With His Father And Slept With His Mother. In Addition To Their Incestual Relationship They Had Four Kids; Two Girls And Two Boys.

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The play of Oedipus the King deals with many different issues

The play of Oedipus the King deals with many different issues. Oedipus unknowingly killed his father and slept with his father and slept with his mother. In addition to their incestual relationship they had four kids; two girls and two boys. During this time of the earth everyone was thought to be ruled by Gods and other supernatural beings; which were of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit or devil. The play dealt with Oedipus and Creon (which is his brother) arguing over who should really be the King and be right for the throne.

������������The reason why Oedipus became a king was because he saved the city from a sphinx, a creature with the head of a woman and body of a lion. Oedipus was king for over ten years. I believe he was an effective leader. The reason why I believe he was an effective leader was because he was a hero by the standards of the Greeks. He was concerned for his people. He follows the ways of his people and relies on gods to provide the order on earth.

������������Another reason why I believe he was an effective leader was because he seemed very dedicated to finding out who was the murderer of Lauis. He also wanted his people to give the murderer the punishment he deserved; even if it was his only family member. I believe that if he knew what he was doing he would have not done such a thing and caused such a disaster. I...

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