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The Players In The Cocaine Game: An Investigative Look At The Dealers, Suppliers, And Enforcers

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The Players in the Cocaine Game: An investigative look at the dealers, suppliers, and enforcers

From the third world of many South American countries, to the third street projects in the inner-city, to the third floor of a downtown luxury loft, cocaine is prevalent and being used. The business of the coca leaf is a billion dollar a year industry, if not more. Our foreign counterparts are profiting in full off of the drug. Mexico, Peru, and Colombia are some of the countries in Central and South America that are profiting and manufacturing cocaine.

“Today's wholesale cocaine industry operated by Mexico's cartel is a $30 billion per year business -- a figure that easily outstrips revenues reported by giants like Ford, General Motors, Wal-Mart, Exxon, and General Electric. (Millar, 2000)”

This is Mexico’s figure that doesn’t include the other manufactures, including Colombia, which is the world largest supplier. With such a revenue market, the control of the drug and drug trafficking is not as simple as making it illegal and enforcing it by law. With that, there is no doubt that America has itself entrenched in this industry one way or another.

The United States has a history of being the enforcer on the international level with hidden agendas. We are like the gossip queen in High School that needs to have his or her nose in everyone’s business. On the one hand we have a strong anti-drug policy both here in the United States and for the international suppliers of cocaine and other drugs. On the other hand, America is one of the largest purchasers of cocaine with government involvement and aid. “United States chemical manufacturers aren’t too offended by the drug trade either. A congressional committee found that 90 percent of the chemicals used in cocaine production came from the United States” (Borucke).
The United States in the last fifty years or so has become the governing body for the entire world. We take action as though it is our duty and responsibility to discipline and regulate the happenings of other countries, all of this in the name of liberty and democracy. So if we are such a powerful and influential country than why can we not eradicate the influx and use of cocaine in our own country?

Through my research I have found our involvement in the drug world follows the same theme that seems to recur with our government and their policies. We talk a good game that formulates a structure and a well-worded policy that appears to be in the best interest of American citizens and foreigners alike. However we also aid these countries. The problem doesn’t lie within our policies or the simple compassion from our government that drugs hurt our society. The problems occur with those that implement and enforce these policies. Cocaine and its market cannot be eradicated. The efforts of many of our political leaders have been futile because of the supply and demand of the product. In 1989, President Bush had a plan that he...

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