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Plea bargaining is a commonly used prosecutorial method to dispose of a case without going to trial. A plea bargain or negotiated plea is an agreement between the defense and the prosecutor in which a defendant pleads guilty to a criminal charge and in exchange he expects to receive some form of consideration from the state. (Neubauer, 2002, p. 323) Most cases never make it to trial, more than 80 percent of criminal cases filed ended with the defendant entering a guilty plea. (Fagin, 2003, p. 61)Plea bargaining became common sometime after the Civil War. The proliferation of cases, in the federal courts, brought on by prohibition was instrumental in the institutionalization of plea bargaining. (Neubauer, 2002, p. 323) It was not until the sixties that plea bargaining became a topic of controversy. This controversy seems to stem from the fact that the name suggests that the courts are bargaining with criminals. But "much of what is characterized as 'plea bargaining' often involves the assessment and reassessment of facts...." (Nasheri, 1998, p. 24) After examining all the facts the conclusion might be that there is just not enough evidence to win at trial.The police and victims are the most likely to object to the negotiated plea because they feel the defendant is not being punished severely enough. The police work hard to collect evidence and securing witnesses to help with the conviction and would like to see the offender prosecuted on the more serious charges. The victim, on the other hand, wants the same thing but for a somewhat different reason, which would be "for revenge or retribution or just the satisfaction that justice has prevailed." (Fagin, 2003, p. 309) In spite of the reasons against plea bargaining, it is still being used. Why is that?There are several reasons why a prosecutor, judge and defendant would want to negotiate a plea agreement. For a judge his incentive would be to move along a crowded calendar. Another issue is the fact that jails are overcrowded and they do not want to be faced with the idea of releasing convicted people before their sentence is completed in order to accommodate the recently convicted one. Judges see plea bargaining as a way to 'process out' the less serious offenders.For the defendant, the benefits include a more lenient sentence. If the defendant is denied or cannot afford bail they could be released immediately if a judge accepts the plea. Also, taking a case to trial usually means they would have to wait and that can be stressful, so one would want to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Another plus is they would have a lesser charge on their record as opposed to a more serious one and since most employers would not hire you with a felony conviction, it would definitely be beneficial to plea to a misdemeanor.As to the prosecutors, they do not have the resources available to them to take every good case to trial. So they then turn to plea bargaining as a way to deliver justice efficiently....

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1663 words - 7 pages cons are:1) Doing away with plea bargaining will clog the courts with cases awaiting trial, resulting in increased court costs.2) The con's of plea bargaining is that at times innocent people plea guilty3) that some really bad deserving people get off with a light sentence4) that the process causes public cynicism.5) Defense lawyers no longer defend their clients, and have become acceptors of fees as guilty-plea negotiators, as their first step in

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1514 words - 6 pages plea bargaining an essential part of the criminal justice process. The fact is that if plea bargaining was not a part of the justice process, there would be an higher number of people having their cases thrown out of court and the court system would be so flooded that Justice would not be served. Those who criticize the plea bargain system, argue that allowing such bargaining to occur can have the effect of subverting the criminal justice

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828 words - 3 pages practice of plea-bargaining is a controversial issue that happens for many reasons. It is also beneficiary and negative to everyone involved is the process. However, the issue of plea-bargaining has long been criticized by those who believe in fairness and justice in our court system. Plea-bargaining over the years has stressed many important questions, none more important than whether plea bargains are actually an injustice to everyone involved

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977 words - 4 pages as the criminals are back on the streets within a couple of years.The downside for the defense is that the accused is giving up the right to have 12 people hear all the evidence and test the prosecution's evidence against the defendant. The downside for the community is that it does not get to have a process which attempts to get at the truth of what actually happened in the case. Moreover, the plea bargaining system can be abused: it can extract

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1447 words - 6 pages Plea bargaining is definitely crucial to our justice system, and increasing the number of plea bargains would definitely be of great help to Canada. There is no doubt that without the option of plea bargaining, our justice system would be very flawed. If we were to give the option of plea bargaining to more criminals, Canada would benefit greatly. There are three arguments that will clearly show how increasing the rate of plea bargains will help

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2624 words - 10 pages bargaining is being used as an easy way out; instead of having the person who committed the crime pay for what they did by serving the whole time. By managing a plea bargain the terms can sometimes be used to include pondering on how it works and who it can help. For a judge a primary encouragement for even accepting a plea bargain is so that the trials can be moved along a lot quicker. Plea bargains are much quicker by the requirement of the less work

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760 words - 3 pages Plea Bargaining Process      The plea bargaining process is very important to the criminal justice system because without it the criminal justice system would grind to a halt. Plea-bargaining is important because if every case went to a trial it would take years for criminals to get from the time of arrest till the time of trial. The video we saw showed an example of how the process works to get criminals who plea

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1254 words - 6 pages , however, plea bargaining and having a case concluded have become very popular. Once the defendant, the lawyer, and the prosecutor become more familiar with a case, an attempt to settle or dispose or settle the case without a trial may be made through plea bargaining with the prosecutor. During the pplea bargain process, agreements are made between the defendants and prosecutors in which defendants agree to plead guilty all or just some of the

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997 words - 4 pages article in the Public Interest called "Torture and Plea Bargaining." Langbein compared the modern American system of plea bargaining to the system of extracting confessions by torture in medieval Europe. In both cases, the controversial practice arose not because standards of justice were too low, but because they were too high. In medieval Europe, a conviction for murder required either two eyewitnesses or a confession by the perpetrator. This

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1170 words - 5 pages not realize the good that it truly does for our society and court system. What is plea bargaining? Basically, plea bargaining is having both sides of a case come together in an agreement. This is done through the process of bargaining or negotiating. What happens is that both sides give and take so that in the end a mutual agreement is reached that will benefit both sides. Typically, in a case involving a plea bargain, the defendant will plead