The Plight Of Canada’s Fitness Essay

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Obesity levels in Canada have tripled over the last 30 years, according to Statistics Canada. Moreover, a recent study by the University of Manitoba by Dr. Henry Janzen has suggested that 90% of Canada’s adolescents are physically inactive. Even though, Manitoba is the only province in Canada in which physical education credits between grades 9 to grade 12 are required for graduation, the program is facing several issues from the large class size, limited space, and specialist versus generalist teachers issue. Thus, physical education programs needs to be enforced and should be mandatory nationwide.
Incontrovertible, physical education programs are getting more attention in the last few years. It is the key to increase teenager’s physical activity levels. Moreover, there are many benefits in the physical education than just having fun, it sharpen overall cognitive abilities and motor skills via athletics. However, what those classes are really trying to promote is the inclusion of a regular fitness activity in our daily routine. Meanwhile, Regular fitness activities are “Active living” day-to-day activities, for example, treadmill walking, bike riding and basic daily activities; that is what our parents and ancestors have been doing for all their lives. These kinds of activities are what our students are not engaging in. This will, in the long term, increase the risk of life-altering diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, and even cancer. Despite all these facts, the physical education programs teaches many personal and social tools to the student, some of them are: confidence booster, improving physiological process like digestion, and more importantly respect and accepting defeat on the game field. Arthur Ashe once said “You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself. Your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is the real joy”. However, wherever there is an advantage come a disadvantage and the physical education programs in the country are not excluded from this rule.
Although, Manitoba is at an envied status with its new credit policy, the physical education programs are facing multiple issues, for example, large class sizes, limited funding, heterogeneity of the student’s skill level, culturally diverse classrooms, disabilities or special needs, and student’s misbehaviour. In fact, these extra credits are affecting the student’s academic performance. However, most of these issues are connected to the teacher or the instructed himself. Considering that most urban Manitoba physical teachers are specialist, then these problems should be intangible. However, most of the rural and Aboriginal parts of Manitoba lack those teachers and include generalized and new graduate teachers. Unlike a specialist teacher, a general is not fully trained. This creates a problem for the student himself from not gaining a full learning experience to not joining his...

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