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The Plight Of The Generation Essay

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The generation of those growing up in the 2000’s looks to have more problems than most other generations. This generation has become a lot of things that makes it look inferior to others. No other generation has faced some of the problems this generations faces. No other generation has been through the same things. No other generation has the same kind of advantages nor the same disadvantages.
One of the main problems with this generation is that of complacency. No one wants to fight for change anymore. Fighting for change is looked upon as a past ideal. People just think it ended in the 70’s. What ever happened to good old fashioned picketing? Somehow it died and turned into a, “’protest’ on Facebook by changing your profile picture” mentality. Everyone feels like something is wrong, but won’t get out there and change it. Like the artists Flobots say in their song “Gonna be Free,” “Get outa your chairs and get into the streets, if you wanna see this world change.” Even when this generation has the ability to look at other generations’ actions and see the good they did, this generation still doesn’t want to get its hands dirty to make change happen.
The second plight of this generation is the misuse of the social media giant Facebook. This network was made to connect people from across the world to one another, but this generation has made it into something completely different. It has become a bulletin board of hate and jealousy. The website gives many great things, but those great things can become perverted. It provides an anonymity so that bullies can hide behind a computer monitor and ridicule people that in the real world they would never have the gall to try to hurt.
The third plight is that of the society in which this generation is growing up in. This generation is growing older in a “fast food” society. No one stops to smell the roses anymore. Children of this generation grow up in daycares or with a babysitter, things good in moderation not as a lifestyle. Children are taught not to be slow, to go through life as fast as they can, just graduate high school, graduate college, get married, continue career, have children, and die. This generation is taught this is the life one should have and if one doesn’t have it one has failed. Life is taught in terms of winners and of losers. They are taught that they should be compared to others. The thought of everyone is different of one another is dying out. No one seems to care about thoughts and feelings, just results. This may be the reason that depression is so rampant in teenagers of this generation.
The fourth plight of this generation is a disconnect with love. This generation has forgotten how to love. The generation has been taught that love is a feeling, but it is not a feeling it is an action. Any person can say they love...

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