The Poem Carrickfergus Was Written By An Irish Writer Called Louis

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The poem Carrickfergus was written by an Irish writer called Louis
MacNeice in The 20th Century.

The poem "Carrickfergus" was written by an Irish writer called Louis
MacNeice in The 20th Century. It was written in four line stanzas and
now I am going to analyse this poem and talk about each stanza.

In the first line of the first stanza, we notice that the child Louis
MacNeice is using specific detail in his poem as he says he was born
in Belfast between the mountain and the gantries. MacNeice was brought
up among a lot of divisions and when there was a lot of trouble going
on, he mentions divisions in his second stanza when he says, "The
Scotch Quarter was a line of residential houses, but the Irish Quarter
was a slum for the blind and halt." What he means is that the Scotch
Quarter is richer than the Irish Quarter and they can afford
residential houses but the Irish live in slums for the blind and halt.
The word Scotch Quarter and Irish Quarter were intentionally placed
together to show the divisions which existed at the time.

We can also see the use of onomatopoeia when MacNeice says, "to the
hooting of lost sirens and the clam of trams." MacNeice says in the
third stanza that there was a stinking smell of chlorine and his
lights looked over the Lough to the lights of Bangor, from this we can
tell that he lived in a industrial town and he doesn't look it to much
as he says the smell stinks, and the yarn-mill called it's funeral cry
at noon. In the next stanza MacNeice says that the church is to the
blame for all the wrongs going on, I assume he says this because he
doesn't like the church but I believe he genuinely doesn't think the
church is too blame. All throughout this poem, MacNeice mentions the
Normans various times; I think that he is emphasizing his knowledge of
Irish history. MacNeice also tells us that his father was a rector and
he was banned forever from the candles of the Irish poor; again he is

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