The Poem Education For Leisure Is Extremely Effective In Many Ways

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The poem Education for Leisure is extremely effective in many ways -

Education for Leisure

The poem ‘Education for Leisure’ is extremely effective in many ways.
The poet has effectively used poetic techniques to show his/her
attitude towards the speaker in the poem and has also given
impressions of the speaker.

The impressions that are given of the speaker are those of a murderous
person who is full of menace and insanity. One of the ways that this
is shown is in the first stanza when the words ‘something’ and
‘Anything’ are used in the sentence ‘Today I am going to kill
something. Anything’. This is because it tells the reader of the
murderous intentions the speaker has. ‘Anything’ is a one word
sentence and as it is short and straight to the point it suggests that
the speaker is desperate for a victim. The first stanza also suggests
that the speaker has a disturbed mind because to him/her the action of
killing something is what happens in ‘an ordinary day’. In the second
stanza, the speaker kills a fly and in doing so he/she is reminded of
a Shakespeare lesson in school. This suggests that the only memories
the speaker has are those of school. Another impression that is given
of the speaker is his/her egotism. This is shown when the speaker
refers to her/him self as a ‘genius’ in line nine. However when the
cat hides and the word ‘genius’ is repeated a more threatening feeling
is given of the speaker which suggest his/her menace. The word
‘autograph’ is used in the fourth stanza. This metaphor suggests that
the speaker feels resentment and bitterness because he/she has had
his/her signature rejected and probably feels lonely and isolated.
This feeling of rejection and loneliness pursues after the speaker is
‘cut off’ the line by the radio man. This is probably the reason that
leads the speaker to take out the bread-knife and touch his ext
victim’s ‘arm’.

The poet uses many techniques to create a sense of menace of the
speaker. The first way is from the use of assonance in the first
stanza. The letter ‘a’ is ‘Today, play, grey’ emphasises the

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