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The Poetic Style Of Henry Charles Bukowski

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Henry Charles Bukowski

Poetry is the art of rhythmical composition written or spoken for exciting pleasure by beauty imaginative or elevated thought. It is also literary work in metrical form. By definition, a poet is a person how composes poetry. The relationship between poetry and the late Henry Charles Bukowski is equivalent to that of a professional ice skater and the ice that he skates on . By the same token, it compared to something a bit less governed, although a pro ice skater is free to graze the ice at his own expense, the root of professional ice skating is indeed restricted. For example, judges, rules, regulations, agreements, terms, and contracts that can't be waived, which controls the skater. Compared to a bird in the sky, the previous example falls short of my perception of freedom when relating it to poetry and Bukowski. A bird in the sky greatly broadens the very core of my argument, at the exact same time contradicting the argument -for those with the keen eye. Bukowski's writing defines alternate types of poetry, indeed because the influence from his youth and how it affected his writing, because of the geography and atmosphere of his hometown, and finally because he had experience in others areas of writing and expression.
Bukowski's youth played a great role in the consistent content that he provided. He had a level and limit that was different from what everyone at that time was used to. In an interview when he was asked about his father, there was discontent in the eyes of Bukowski. He said his father taught him how to type, being physically and verbally abusive. Getting beaten with a razor strap three times a

week since the age of six, all the pretense is gone, so you tend to say what you mean. That made him different from others because he didn't use metaphors a lot. Another aspect
that influenced his content was the fact that he was a...

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