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The Poets' Treatment Of Love In I Wanna Be Yours By John Cooper Clarke, The Thickness Of Ice By Liz Loxley And How Do I Love Thee By Elizabeth Barrett

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The Poets' Treatment of Love in I Wanna Be Yours by John Cooper Clarke, The Thickness of Ice by Liz Loxley and How do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"I wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke, is made up if three stanzas,
each ending in the title of the poem, "I wanna be yours". The first
two stanzas of the poem follow the same basic poetic structure. The
poem presents a more modern, rather than traditional view of love with
modern basic equipment, such as "vacuum cleaner", "ford cortina" and
"electric heater".

The first stanza opens with the words "let me be your vacuum cleaner,
breathing in your dust". This metaphor represents the person reciting
the poem sucking you into their love. "I will never rust" shows that
they will keep the things the same way, and will not change.

The second stanza contains the metaphor, "I wanna be your dreamboat,
when you wanna sail away", shows that the poet is willing to take the
person they desire away from everything that troubles their life.

The third stanza shows that the poet "will not run out"; that their
love is eternal. The poet includes many similes and metaphors in the
poem, including "let me be your electric heater" meaning that he will
keep the reader warm. Also the poet mentions that he wants to keep
things between him and the reader locked together by saying "let me be
your setting lotion". When the poet speaks of the "deep deep deep deep
de deep deep" he is talking about sonar scanning the oceans trying to
find the end of his love.

The poem ends with the line, "I wanna be yours", the title of the
poem, again emphasizing the poets love for the reader.

"The Thickness of Ice" by Liz Loxley is all about the progressions of
relationships. It contains six verses. Two at the start, middle and
end. Each verse contains brackets; in these brackets it tells you a
little bit more about each verse.

The metaphor of the poem starts in the second verse when it says

"At first we'll be like skaters" referring to the readers as skaters.
The poet writes about the skaters testing the ice and edging closer
and closer to the centre of the lake. The lake in this case would be
their relationship which they are both eager to conquer.

The third stanza talks about their love starting to die down and it
tells us of how they are not as "anxious to impress" each other
anymore and how they are not as in love with each other as the skaters
are towards winning gold medals. Instead of about how the relationship
is steadily...

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