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The Point Of No Return Essay

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The Point of No Return

In 1763 Britain tended not to involve itself in the welfare of its
colonies but after the expensive wars fought on American ground
disputes arose over money. British troops had been left in America in
case of further battle with the Red Indians or French-Canadians,
beforehand the colonists had not been heavily taxed but the government
viewed the fact that British troops were at hand in America as a
profitable situation and therefore raised taxes with the excuse that
the British troops were present for colonist defense. The government
therefore enforced many trade laws to ensure a profit that was not
being obtained due to the significant smuggling from French islands.

Around the same period of time, i.e. 1765, the Stamp Act was also
introduced, this ordered that paper used for legal documents, licenses
and newspapers must carry an official stamp, another form of profit
for the British government. Inevitably this enraged the colonists and
resulted in many riots and protests. A congress in New York with
representatives from nine colonies was held to file a complaint about
the Stamp Tax, a notable achievement for the colonies against the
British as it was one of the first times that the colonies had come
together in order to express and assist one another against the
influence of the British, or of any other dominance. These nine
colonies asserted that no British subject could be taxed unless his
representative sat as a member in the Parliament that voted the tax.
This was not an entirely new proposal, but it did results in the
repeal of the Stamp Act and was a definite build up to "The Point of
No Return" as it proved that the colonists could join together against
the British and achieve the desired outcome. The government appeared
weaker than originally presumed, therefore giving the colonists the
confidence to try to rid of other factors that caused frustration. In
order to keep its dignity, Parliament passed an act declaring that it
had full powers over the whole of the British Empire.

In 1767 new duties were imposed on lead, glass, paper, painters'
colours and tea ensuing the objection of numerous colonists. In
Boston, citizens were particularly bitter with Parliament and
continuously appeared to be causing trouble among the British
soldiers, the most notable of these disruptions is known as the
"Boston Massacre". On March 5th, 1770 a mob of men and boys taunted a
sentry standing guard at Boston's customs house, when other British
soldiers came to the sentry's support chaotic brawls and bickering
transpired resulting in the British firing shots into the crowd. Four
died on the spot and a fifth soon after, six others were wounded. The
presence of British Troops in Boston had long been a sore point among
Boston radical politicians, this was an ideal...

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