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The Policy On Torture Essay

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Torture even though it is denied by all states and strongly prohibited, it is very common (Miller). Countries ranging from Iraq to the United States use torture on detainees. Torture can demolish a countries reputation by showing others how to treat detainees of foreign countries. The human rights watch expressed that “Some governments justify such abuses as inevitable in the global was on terrorism”(Miller). Such abuses as torture are absolutely prohibited by universally agreed upon standards.
Miguel stated “Torture is always wrong” and “It uses terrorism to try to destroy terrorism. The torturer becomes the terrorist. You think you establish order by breaking the law”(Friedman). Most ...view middle of the document...

Dick Cheney, former Vice president, believes that enhanced interrogation techniques are not torture (Friedman). Allen Keller declared that “Mr. Cheney is wrong”(Friedman). Many documented methods used when Cheney was in office were waterboarding, exposer to extremes, sexual humiliation, and many other techniques have been used on suspected terrorists, which, were said not to be torture, and that is false (Friedman). Also some justify torture as being “ok” since it used on United States soldiers in mild versions as training in the case of them getting captured while overseas (Friedman). Although you cant justify them in those reasons since they only mild and less threating sessions of torture than actual prisoners (Friedman). Another point is many believe that waterboarding is not dangerous and that they are dunking them in water once or twice, while in fact prisoners are getting two-hour sessions of waterboarding. During the waterboarding sessions prisoner’s experience a near death drowning and sometimes vomit so they are kept on a liquid diet so they choke on their vomit.(Friedman)
Torture is said to be an abomination that every civilized nation should outlaw (Miller). Also the Third Geneva Convention (1949), the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949), and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (1948) all prohibited torture of some type (Miller). So through the list of laws against torture it should be illegal in the United States. And officials of United States government should be investigated for their actions taken on prisoners. Also when waterboarding was said to be illegal by Attorney General Eric Holder, he was telling people that the Busch administration had violated the law (Miller). So the Busch administration needs to prosecuted...

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