The Political Developments That Occurred In East And West Berlin From 1949 Until The Late 1970's.

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When World War II ended in 1945 and Germany was totally defeated by the Allies, the country's capital, Berlin, was divided into two sectors through the construction of the most famous wall ever build. From this division, Berlin was split into the East Berlin and the West Berlin. The reason why this topic was selected has to do with the examination of the political forces that managed to divide a city, and as a result, a whole country which was the reason for engaging the whole world into the most devastating war in the human history.In order to understand fully how this division occurred, we need first to take a look at the historical background, the events and the conditions that took place from the early 1939 when World War II started, under which this city was split into two and alienated its citizens for more than 45 years.According to Internet source 1, "when World War II began in 1939, the British and U.S. air forces made Berlin a focus of aerial bombardments because it was the political centre of Germany. Street fighting between the Soviet and German armies at the war's end further damaged the city. By 1945 the war had destroyed about 60 percent of the city. The historic core and government quarter were left partially standing. About 42 percent of the city's 1.5 million houses and apartments were completely devastated, and another 31 percent were damaged. Berlin's population was reduced to about 2.8 million from a pre-war high of about 4.4 million".We can realize from the above data that Berlin during World War II was the core of the Allied bombardments, since it was considered as the city where the heart of the Nazis was beating. So, if an end had to be given to this war, Berlin had to receive the most of the strikes. As it is apparent now, more than half of the city was completely ruined.As the events kept on evolving, "in February 1945 the USSR, the United States, Britain, and France agreed to divide the defeated Germany into four zones of occupation, each under the control of an ally. When Berlin was finally captured by Soviet troops in May 1945, it was divided into four sectors, which were jointly administered by all four nations. The Soviet sector in the eastern part of Berlin was 390 sq. km (150 sq. mil) in area, while the combined British, American, and French sectors in the western part of the city totalled about 480 sq. km (185 sq. mil) in area"(internet source 1).Below, is the photo from the above agreement of the leaders of Great Britain, United States and former USSR.Now that we have seen the historical background of the dissolution of Berlin into East and West, we can proceed with the political developments that took place in East and West Berlin from 1949 until the late '70s.But before we refer to those political developments it would be worthwhile mentioning that according to Richard Hiscocks and Robert Spencer in their book The Shaping of Post-war Germany, "both East and West Berlin had their own city administrations and...

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