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The Political Impact On Humans Essay

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The Political Impact on Humans

Humans and Nature

It is a proven fact that individuals need an organization of a government. Without order, no one would know how to act and how to behave. There are two different types of people; one group takes control of a given situation while the other lets the power be taken away from them. Without any setup of a government, a few people would be making the choices for many and not let everyone be represented in their government. These setups of government include a republic, communistic, fascist, and socialistic. Each of these examples has a central government but the power of the central government distinguishes the differences between them. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both thought about their current government and how they could create a form of government that would surpass their existing one. The Manifesto of the Communist Party politically influenced the Marxist society, other societies of his time, and our modern day society.

Marx and Engels were both reform thinkers and philosophers. They wanted to bring about a radical change; they saw the proletariat working for the bourgeoisie, the capitalists. Marx and Engels did not like the economic gap between the two classes; the richer were getting richer, while the working class remained poor. As humans, there is a want to make more money and live more lavishly. Most people get jealous and want to drive the nicest car, live in the largest house, wear the designer clothing, eat at fancy restaurants, and work at the most respectable job. Who wants to live in a shack, eat meagerly, and wear tattered clothing? No one does, it is human behavior that makes us jealous of what we do not have.

This can even be further explained by the relationship of humans. Michael Lowry of The Monthly Review comments,

“This spirit stems from its quality of being simultaneously critical and emancipatory-that is to say from the inextricable unity between analysis of capitalism and the call for the overthrow of capitalism, between examination of the class struggle and commitment to the exploited class, between clear analysis of the contradictions within bourgeois society and the revolutionary utopia of a society marked by equalitarianism and mutual solidarity, between realistic elucidation of the driving mechanisms of capitalist expansion and the moral demand to ‘overturn all the conditions under which the human being is despised, abandoned, diminished, enslaved.’" 1

Even though The Manifesto of the Communist Party was written in 1848, it still has an effect that explains the differences between capitalism and communism. Marx and Engels wanted to expose the disadvantages of capitalism, but the principles of capitalism did not fail. Countries who practiced capitalism were doing far better than others following socialist or communistic thinking. An anonymous writer, from Canada & the World


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