The Political Process Essay

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The Political Process

I feel that, for the most part, mine along with others in my age group’s concerns are not addressed by the political process. To answer this, I took a look at political socialization and how I was socialized politically. Some of my concerns include: minimum wage, social security, pollution and global warming, school loans, and legal ages. There are many reasons why, that I understand, that my generation’s opinions of these issues are not addressed, which I will talk about throughout this paper. Overall, the political process does not address our concerns and voices.
First I would like to talk about how I came about these concerns. I was politically socialized by many different people and things. The people that affected me the most would have to be my parents. Growing up, they bestowed in me certain beliefs and values, which would stay with me for the rest of my life. Probably the next most important thing that affected me has to be school and peers. Being around many of your peers and teachers, you learn many things and take on certain values. By hanging around my friends for many years, we all took on each others beliefs and stands on issues. Finally, the thing that least affected me has been the media. The reason for this is mostly everything you see on television is negative or biases. To me, many of these programs are one sided just trying to get you to feel a certain way and my concerns and feelings will not be changed because of a television program.
I have many concerns, that most likely many others my age feel the same about, that are not addressed by the political process, which I have already mentioned. The first one is minimum wage. Minimum wage in the last eight or so years has not changed very drastically. It has gone up about a quarter. I cannot remember any political candidate addressing this issue which is very important to teenagers and young adults growing up. Minimum wage should be higher or at least brought up by politicians. An additional concern is social security. Granted it is a concern held by many, but not the aspect that will affect us. By the time we reach that age, there will not be much left for us to collect. Meanwhile, we pay for it every week when we collect our paychecks. Politicians nowadays do not care about this issue. Another concern of mine, pollution and global warming, is not properly addressed. Yes, there are programs to “save the planet” and things like that, but damage is constantly being done to the planet which could be
harmful to us, our children, and every living thing in the future. Countless things are allowed everyday to be done that kills and injures people and generations to come.
A further concern of mine is school loans. In many other countries, a college education is free; all that you have to do is want to go. Here, there are thousands of people who want to better their education, but don’t have the money or knowledge to get...

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