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The Political History Of Vietnam Essay

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Examine the past, present and future trends for ONE aspect of Vietnamese societyThe Legal System and Political ProcessesA nation marked by war and poverty, Vietnam has overcome political and economic turmoil in its struggle for independence. It's legal system and government, based on the concept of socialism and the French Civil System, is moving towards a democratic society, in which the citizens are able to freely speak their mind, a right that was not found under the direction of the Communist Party, a single-handed government policy that had a large presence in Vietnamese society post World War 2.Vietnamese society of the mid-late 20th century shows a large influence from the French, who occupied Vietnam prior to World War 2, and post World War 2, with a main basis of the Vietnamese government situating from the French Civil System, however the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, exiled France from Vietnam and formed a sense of independence in the nation. Conflict between the South and North sectors of Vietnam arose however when revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh declared a communist nation for Vietnam, ultimately resulting in a split of the two sectors into North Vietnam, who upheld the communist values of super countries Soviet Russia and China, whereas South Vietnam required heavy assistance from USA. This conflict acted as a predecessor for the Vietnam War, fuelled by the opposing nature of the two governments. Living conditions were very poor for both nations, despite both holding opposing political ideas and campaigns, and this added to levels of stress and economic worry for citizens of the working class sector of Vietnam, resulting in Vietnam becoming one of the poorest nations in the world in the mid 20th century. Communism, a political theory stating that there is no private business and everything is divided amongst the people of the nation, clarified the rule and influence of Japan on Vietnam during World War 2, and Ho Chi Minh's communist ideologies were a result of the long-lasting effects of the Japanese Communist Party on Vietnam.During this period of political anarchy, the legal systems of the two nations were heavily divided. While both focused on central political leaders, the parties of the Republic of Vietnam (now known as South Vietnam) were heavily formed towards the Military and Independent Parties, whereas the North were primarily Communist leaders, with both the Presidents and Prime Ministers drawing heavy political ideas of the Marxist-Leninist Single-Party Republic. This conflict between the two nations led to a large increase in levels of illegal emigration from Vietnam to countries, which were supporting their home state, causing a large population movement from the country to nations such as Australia. This abandonment of country was not only due to the political conflict that was ever-present in their lives, but also the financial struggle due to the conditions of work and miniscule wage in which many Vietnamese...

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