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The political situation in Mauritius is in ebullition with the Labour Party (MLP) holding on to power with a slim majority in Parliament. The defection of the Movement Socialist Mauricien (MSM) from the government, it is believed, could endanger Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam's rule. The ongoing crisis maybe the chance for Paul Berenger to grab power for the last time.
As a backdrop of the crisis, is the sale of a private medical institution, the MedPoint. MedPoint is where a historic meeting in 2000 sealed an unlikely alliance that defeated the MLP. Berenger, a Mauritian of European descent has clear chances of becoming Prime Minister again. The burning question around the 'Government House' in Port Louis is for how long will Ramgoolam hold on to power?
The 'MedPoint affair' as it is called in Mauritius, remains at the forefront of the events that has stirred the crisis. The implications of this affair may or may not send the country into darker days. How the PM handles the situation from here, amid claims of abuse of power from the opposition, is vital. It all started in 2010 when the MLP joined the MSM in an unlikely alliance that routed the MMM and its allies. The MMM was in talks with the MSM with a 'natural' alliance between the two parties almost finalized. The seats allocation were to give the MMM a larger number of representatives than the MSM. The surprise was enormous when the MSM decided instead to join the MLP. The MLP had offered the MSM more seats that the MMM would offer.
Nevertheless, political insiders in the opposition are privately suggesting a 'plot' was always in the air. They insist that the MSM joined the MLP to uncover a certain 'scandals', exposing Ramgoolam's leadership. Observers believe an alliance between Berenger's Movement Militant Mauricien (MMM) and the MSM of Pravind Jugnauth could oust Ramgoolam. But they insist such an alliance will have to be headed by Aneerood Jugnauth in order for such a scenario to take place. Meanwhile, Labour analysts in the country are upbeat on the chances for the regime to remain in power for the next few years. They believe the Prime Minister has enough cards in his hands to delay an impending General Elections and fend-off Berenger.
Pravind Jugnauth, one of the actors behind the current crisis is the son of Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, former Prime Minister. SAJ is credited with his 'sacrifice' that allowed Berenger to become Prime Minister in 2002. He is also known as the man who transformed Mauritius economy, assisted by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo then Minister of Finance. While Berenger's charisma brought him huge popularity, his being 'white' would always be a stumbling block in his political quest. His party would always face defeat with him as PM, sticking the label of 'eternal' opposition leader on his back. With Pravind as leader of the MSM, the MMM would have little chance to beat Ramgoolam. Jugnauth Jr. does not have the same clout that was known of his father. SAJ was tough...

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